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Stand Your Ground: A Cry For Justice – When The Law Is Rightfully Used And When It’s Wrongfully Abused

By   /  November 24, 2013  /  Lifestyle and Entertainment  /   Comments

Tweet Special to the Journal Ellaville, GA – In a perverse twist of fate actress Lucy McBath, who plays the grieving mother of a deceased young man in the award-winning movie Stand Your Ground: A Cry for Justice, lost her only son when he was gunned down at a gas station in Jacksonville, FL, just [...]

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The Sheriff Speaks

By   /  August 1, 2013  /  Kevin Sproul, The Sheriff Speaks  /   Comments


Tweet by Kevin Sproul It seems as though everyone has been following the case against George Zimmerman and the shooting death of young Travon Martin. Since that case hit the national airwaves last year, many people have voiced their personal opinions or interpretations of the ”stand your ground” law, I have also crossed paths with [...]

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