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Why our gun rights matter

By   /  February 22, 2013  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments

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Tweet Guns are a big part of the news these days.  I’m sure we can all understand why.  Sandy Hook was a real tragedy, and the fact that the victims were so young only compounds that fact.  It’s easy to want to make sure that things like that never happen again, but there’s a right [...]

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Would metal detectors prevent tragedy?

By   /  February 13, 2013  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments

Tweet Dougherty County’s interim school superintendent, Dr. David Mosley, has ordered increased use of metal detectors in the Dougherty County School System’s elementary schools.  He says that, should a tragedy similar to Sandy Hook occur here, he wants to make sure that everything has been done to prevent it. Dr. Mosley, my question is, would [...]

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A Shell Game of Presidential Proportion

By   /  January 26, 2013  /  Jim Layne  /   Comments

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Tweet I have a very vivid imagination. As an author of fiction I understand the blacksmithing of facts to fit necessity to preserve the suspension of disbelief. I am also the most likely person to tell you that where foreign policy and military operations are concerned, Operational Security (OPSEC) should always trump the people’s right [...]

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