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Remember the vets, even if you hated the wars

By   /  November 12, 2012  /  Tom Knighton, Uncategorized  /   Comments

Tom Knighton 2

Tweet I have opposed wars. I’ve supported wars as well. Either way though, wars are fought by men and women. Usually, they’re young kids who have enlisted for a variety of reasons, most of which never involve wanting to go and fight a war, even if they know it’s most likely going to happen.

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Lessons in sacrifice

By   /  July 28, 2012  /  Rev. Hood  /   Comments

Keith Hood

Tweet This is Janice (Keith’s) wife continuing on about my trip to Burkina Faso, Africa. This will be the last part of my three-part series on my trip. For the first week, I gave the setting. I described my journey back to the Dark Continent—specifically Burkina Faso. I talked about how I went with a [...]

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Saluting a hero

By   /  June 9, 2012  /  Faith, Rev. Hood  /  Comments Off

Tweet     Salute to an American hero, Corporal Steven Sutton.  He was flown Monday morning to Albany, GA, after serving us and his country.  The same day, my wife, Janice, flew out from Albany, GA, to help the United States Army train cadets to teach other cadets from the country of Burkina Faso in [...]

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