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Carswell speaks to Kiwanians

By   /  July 22, 2012  /  Community  /  Comments Off


Tweet   Written by David Shivers The history of firefighting in Albany is a long one, dating back the better part of two centuries.  Since 1836 there has been a coordinated effort in the community to protect lives and property from devastating blazes, according to Albany Fire Chief James Carswell. Chief Carswell spoke to the [...]

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Judge to fire chief: You must tell a lie

By   /  July 19, 2011  /  Government  /   Comments


Tweet By Kevin Hogencamp   Judge Willie Lockette has ordered Albany Fire Chief James Carswell to sign a document saying that firefighter Joey Pait is of good moral character despite Carswell’s insistence that Pait is just the opposite. It’s unknown whether Carswell – who refuses to answer The Albany Journal’s questions because of the judge’s [...]

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Burning a house can be good thing

By   /  March 24, 2010  /  Jim Wilcox  /   Comments

Tweet Normally, a house going up in smoke and flames would cause alarm, but sometimes it’s a good thing than has multiple benefits. That’s the case in Albany recently. The Albany Fire Department is working with the city to put some dilapidated eyesores to good use by burning them.

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