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Tuesday’s results indicate a shift in status quo

By   /  December 5, 2013  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments

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Tweet There’s an understanding in politics that incumbency has its privileges.  Tuesday, with Bobby Coleman’s defeat of incumbent Ivey Hines, those privileges seem to be fewer and fewer.  In Albany, this is a very, very good thing. Once someone gets elected, there is a strong tendency for them to stay in that office for as [...]

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Bo Dorough was right

By   /  January 17, 2013  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments

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Tweet At the Albany City Commission meeting the other day, attorney Bo Dorough made a statement that he already knew how commissioner Jon Howard would vote.  Unsurprisingly, Tommie Postell got rather belligerent, saying that Dorough had no idea how Howard would vote. Unfortunately for Postell and his grandstanding, we do.

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Ward 2: No end in sight.

By   /  December 2, 2011  /  Government  /   Comments

Melissa Strother and attorney Bo Dorough will have to wait until after the holidays for a verdict.

Tweet Judge Joe Bishop called an end to proceedings late Friday afternoon, but the question of what to do about the controversial Ward 2 race is still to be decided.  Attorneys for Melissa Strother and Ivey Hines, as well as City Attorney Nathan Davis, asked plenty of questions, but little in the way of new [...]

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