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“Feelings” Holding Back Tax Reform

By   /  November 30, 2012  /  Charlie Harper  /   Comments

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Tweet Republicans spent their first week back in Washington after Thanksgiving break battling each other as much as taking on Democrats.  The ideological circular firing squad that is customary after losing a national election has spread to the House and Senate.  The path to fixing our deficit and tax policy has been largely conceded to [...]

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It Wasn’t A Slow News Week For Chambliss

By   /  November 26, 2012  /  Charlie Harper  /   Comments

Tweet It was a great Thanksgiving week.  Most of us took the week off, or at least part of it. Washington was mostly empty of our politicians, so that they and even their staffers could evacuate the city and spend time back home with family.  It wasn’t supposed to be a heavy news week.  But [...]

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