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To update, or not to update…

By   /  August 6, 2012  /  Geek Speak  /  Comments Off


Tweet   To update or not; that is the question.  “I keep getting all these pop-ups that want me to update stuff and I never know what to do.  Which ones should I do?” I’ve heard this many times over the years and could never answer satisfactorily.  I usually tell people to accept the Windows [...]

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Not another password x%*!

By   /  January 22, 2010  /  Geek Speak  /   Comments

Tweet Do we really have to have passwords? Why so many and does it have to be so complicated? Listen, I know it’s a pain and it’s a shame that we need passwords, but such is the cyber world we live in. There are hackers on the Web that have nefarious reasons to get into [...]

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