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Antibiotic resistance is a international issue that better education can address

By   /  November 14, 2013  /  News  /   Comments

Tweet Special to the Journal Augusta, Ga. – Antibiotic resistance is an international reality whose solution includes better educating physicians about using bacteria-fighting tools, says an infectious disease physician. “The big problem is the overuse of antibiotics in hospitals and communities because not only can they lead to side effects like rashes and colon damage, [...]

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Nature’s Cure: The Impact of probiotics

By   /  July 27, 2012  /  Health  /  Comments Off

Nature's Cure 2

Tweet To begin, let’s define what a probiotic is. Pro and biota mean ‘for life’, Probiotics are a diverse group of “live microorganisms which, when administered in sufficient quantities, can confer a health benefit”, defined by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization). They are deemed safe and [...]

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