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Bully-A-Day,January 5, 2014

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Another story from a Worth County mother who wishes to remain anonymous.

Last year, my son played on a baseball team with a little boy that lived down the road from us. They were both wanting to be pitchers. My son practiced pitching every afternoon in our yard. He was also on the track team and would jog around the neighborhood so he could stay in shape and keep training. My son is a very quiet child and does not make a lot of friends but he loves sports. He spends all of his time practicing the sports he loves. Year after year, his teachers say how much they love him and that he is a exceptional student that makes excellent grades. He placed 2nd in the state on the swim team this past summer and 3rd in the state on his wrestling team. Anyway, my son got to pitch at most of the baseball games.

We were all shocked at how good he was because he had never pitched before. The other little boy he kept going to school and telling everybody that my son sucked at pitching and that my son lost the game for the team because he could not pitch good. He would call our house and say ugly things to my son. He would ride his four wheeler by our house and say ugly remarks if my kids were out side. He would post on Facebook about how my son was a loser. He would see send my son ugly text messages. He would try to get everyone not to talk to Bennett or play with Bennett during PE. He told everybody at school that he was going to come to our house and beat my son up. He also said he was going to hide in the woods so when my son went jogging around the neighborhood, he could jump on him. In class, he would yell across the room, “Hey Bennett are you going be home this afternoon!? Because if you are, I want to come over and play”. He’d say, “Are you going to go jogging? If you are , I want to go with you.”. All the other kids in the classroom would start laughing. The kids knew that this boy was making threats to my son right under the teacher’s nose. I went to the school and spoke to all of his teachers about what was going on.

His teacher said she heard the conversation in the classroom. She was very, very upset. She had no clue that my son was being bullied. She thought that the boys may have been friends and that that little boy was just wanting to come over and play. She did not know he was really threatening Bennett in front of the whole class. I went to an administrator. She said someone else had just called that morning complaining about that same bully. It was taken care of. However if kids do not speak out, adults may not know what is going on right under our noses.

My son begged me not go to the school and say something about what was happening. I did not want to lose his trust, however I did not want him to be bullied either. He thought everybody would make fun of him for tattle tailing to his mama, call him a mama’s boy, or tell everyone that he was a “snitch”. We have since moved schools and everything is 100% better.

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