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Bully-A-Day: December 30

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Staff Reports

Sylvester - Today’s story also comes to us from Worth County.  As so many others, this one is provided anonymously.

The school year of 2011-2012, my son was a junior at the Worth County high school.  He went to school and also worked a part time job. I then began receiving calls from my son from school saying that he was sick and needed to come home.

He then began telling me what was going on at school. Then right before I withdrew him from the school he called and demanding that I signed him out and he told me that he will never be going back to that school.  This was not normal for my son to demand me to do something! This is when i figured out that this crap had went to far!

He was being harassed from his fellow students, they was also spreading horrible rumors about him. There was several times that there was damage to the paint on his truck. They also loosened the lug nuts on the front drivers side tire. Someone also removed the radiator cap, of course making the truck over heat, and he did not realize it until it was to late and cracked the heads.

Then there was also threats of a student cutting his brake lines. I went to the school several times about all of the harassment. I also requested to see the video of the parking lot when the damage to his truck was done. The resource office told me that he would watch the video and get back with me. I never heard back from him. So I returned to the school and he told me that the video did not show anything. I requested to watch it anyway. My request was denied.

I could not handle seeing my son so miserable. I pulled him out of the Worth County School system and enrolled him in another school. At this time i thought that all of the bullying would end. Boy was I ever wrong! This is when the principle and the board of education began trying to bully both of us.

We ended up receiving a certified letter from the school stating that my sons license was suspended for not going to school. They knew the day that I withdrew him from the school that he was already enrolled and attending another school everyday and was very happy at the new school.

They also robbed my child of his opportunity to walk at what would have been his graduation, because they would not do anything about the bullying, harassment, and property damage.

There was also no reports done by the school resource office, (that is a certified police office that is employed by the Sylvester Police Department) about any of the complaints. Because I know first hand since I am also in Law Enforcement, if there is nothing on paper, then it didn’t happen.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Please, if you have a story to share, please email us at ajournal@thealbanyjournal.com and let us know.

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