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Bully-A-Day: December 23

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Albany – Today’s story comes to us anonymously.  The mother of this girl was also the victim of bullying, which does seem to happen from time to time.  However, bullying can come in many forms.  Today’s case doesn’t involve being beaten up, but may actually be more damaging in the long run.


My daughter is a third grade student in the public school system. Last year, she began having problems with a little girl that was a “friend” of hers. This little friend wanted her all to herself and did not want to share her with others. It began causing problems with my daughter’s other friends since she is very kindhearted and doesn’t want to leave anyone out.

I asked the teachers for help but was told, “Girls will be girls!” It continued for the school year and towards the end of the school year, I noticed that it was becoming worse. The little girl was telling my daughter ugly things about other students trying to persuade her to not be friends with the other students. It was a huge relief when school let out for summer and I was hoping that when school began again this year, my daughter would not be tangled up with this little girl anymore. Unfortunately that is not the case.

So far this year, I have been at the school almost weekly trying to get help with the situation. I have all of the teachers, school administration, counselor, principal, everyone involved. This little girl has increased her manipulation, and although it is not physical bullying, it is bullying none the less. She’s told my daughter that things she wears are ugly, not to wear something because it makes her look fat. The little girl ruins my daughter’s friendships with other students by lying to the other friends and telling them my daughter said ugly things about them, making her other friends mad at her. She has physically restrained my daughter from leaving her side, grabbing her arm and refusing to let go. The little bully gets little boys to go up to my daughter and tell her she’s ugly and stupid.

The school and I have told my daughter to quit playing with the little girl, and she has. Unfortunately, the little girl follows her around and talks about my daughter where she can hear them. All of this has resulted in my third grade child playing sick so she doesn’t have to go to school, telling me that she would “rather die than go back to school!” Its awful! The school has contacted the little girls parents, punishments have been given by the school and parents (who are good people – I know them!), but the little girl is persistent. I wanted to point this out because I do believe that some of the bullying starts at home – but that may not always be the case!

If you have a story to share, please email us at ajournal@thealbanyjournal.com and let us know. We want as many stories as we can get, so we can show the people of Southwest Georgia how much this actually happens.

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