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Bully-A-Day: December 16

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Bullying is a far more prevalent problem than many people in Southwest Georgia are aware.  Following the tragedy involving Dustin Hammonds, many parents are reaching out, sharing the stories of their own encounters with bullying.  The Journal has asked to run these stories, in hopes of running a bully story per day, and we will run these for as long as we have people sending us stories.

Our first story comes from Worth County.  We have withheld the mother’s name due to the nature of the complaint.

My children attended Worth County Primary School this past school year. My son was in Pre-K and daughters in 2nd Grade. One afternoon while riding the bus home my son who was suppose to be sitting in the front seat was told he could sit with a 3rd grader who doesn’t even attend his school. I had spoke previously when my children were put on the bus the first day I wanted them to sit in the front seat (they are all very small for their age), come to find out they are suppose to be sitting with grade levels.

Well my son got off the bus came to me saying “Mommy! A boy pulled my pants down and was messing with my private part and tried putting his mouth on my private I told him, ‘No, that God don’t like that and pushed him away he still tried too.’”

Of course, as soon as it happened, I called the school bus and I called the cops. I filed a report. I also went to the school the next day. All they said was, “I am sorry and we have to follow the steps in order to handle this.”

I went to the school board superintend she of course said the same thing and the one thing that got my nerve even AFTER stating to her this boy that my son was sitting with had prior happens on file with DFCS (found that out through the cop) that she said and her exact words were “Well, I can’t promise that we can do anything. I can’t take him out of school because he still has to have an education.”

With that statement I went to the media and it was on TV. Of course she lied and said things were handled. All they did to this boy was put him off the bus for the rest of the year. That was on few days until school was out, but let him ride it for the next week so they could figure out what happened…so really 7 days off the bus.

I went by the police department last month still nothing has been done about this boy hasn’t even gone in front of a judge. This boy is still at school in 4th grade now with other children! This makes me sick to my stomach even writing about it.

This boy was nine years old and was messing with my baby he just turned 5 this year! I took my children out of Worth County and I am now homeschooling them. I have statements from a cop off of the record stating that you wouldn’t believe how much things go on in this school drugs, sexual conduct, and bullying that the school just pushes under the rug.

My son attended a counseling meeting also and the lady from there says they have a lot of kids that have problems at this school with this. So please be careful when you allow this school to protect your child. My son was sitting in the third seat when this took place he was suppose to be in the first seat right behind the school bus driver. The school bus driver didn’t even offer me an apology. They said she couldn’t watch all the students and it wasn’t her fault.

They said they had took the boy off the bus the next week but they didn’t the school bus driver wanted to put my children in the 3rd seat and put this boy in the 1st seat along with his sister. So, I took my children off because they lied to me and said it would have been handled. It wasn’t handled. I also found out after taking my children out of school a girl had been bullying my daughter; picking at her and calling her names (she is redheaded) and come to find out the girl that was bullying my child, the day they had award,s her mom was standing in front of me making mean statements about the kids in her daughters class.

I am glad I took my children out of this school system. The school does nothing to protect our children and it is all pushed under the rug. Also the principal at the middle school did get the boy to admit to doing it! But still nothing was done. That’s when they took him off the bus but he still attended school. The assistant principal at the primary school had told my son if he needed anyone to talk to ask to speak to her and no one else also told me to NOT tell his teacher that she would; that they didn’t want anyone finding out about it.

Oh forgot to mention I did get a lawyer and try to sue this school for the counseling that my child has to have now because of this boy and the lawyer after taking my money stated oh well they have some type of protection that you can’t sue the school/school bus that I can also try someone else and see if they can.

If you have a story to share, please email us at ajournal@thealbanyjournal.com and let us know.

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