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Bully-A-Day December 28

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Staff Reports

Worth County – Today’s story, once again, comes from Worth County but the writer wishes to remain anonymous.

My daughter went to Worth County High last year.and rode the bus to and from school because I couldn’t afford to take her back and forth to school.Well, a middle school child was bullying her. Finally after her hearing and couldn’t handle it any more, she told me that it was going on for a couple of weeks.I went to the school and told them and they said they would handle it.They did call them in the office and talk to them.and she said that she wasn’t going to do it any more. She didn’t get in trouble and it kept on happening. I talked to the school again they said they would look in to it. While they were looking into it, my child was riding the bus home.

The girl started running her mouth to my child and talking about hitting her. My child said “no you’re not” and this child hit my child in her face over and over again. My child did not ever put a finger on this other child. After being punch several times in the face, she started crying and hollering at her.

When the girl started hitting my child the bus driver pulled over the bus and called for back up.An officer came and he got the girl who was hitting my daughter. The bus driver told him she did not do anything wrong. The school officer never talked to me .

I went to the school the next morning hoping for justice for my child. I took my child with me.The officer talked to me ‘ and I told him that I wanted The child that hit my child to be charged.He said that if I charge one, I will have to charge both.I told him he was crazy. He started yelling at me saying he would lock me up for calling him crazy.I got up and left.

Now my daughter was with me and was very upset.I went to the school again to talk to the assistant principal about what this the officer had done, telling her that my child was being charge and needed to be suspended.

All they could tell me is that they would investigate it. My daughter was still charged and had to go to court. I had a state appointed lawyer and he said that the girl should have been charged with battery. Instead, the judge charged both of them with disruption on school property.My daughter did 3 months of probation for something that she did not do.The bus driver told me i should get a lawyer and fight it.

I didn't have the money to do this so I just moved to Lee County and felt like a hundred pounds was lifted.At least I know now my kids are safe!!

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