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Bully-A-Day: December 22

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Staff Reports

Today’s story, like so many we have run recently, comes to us from Sylvester.

Hello, my name is Nature Hancock and I wanted to share with you what my family and I are currently going through. I know you are busy but, please read all the way through.

Friday, at about 2:15, the school nurse at Worth County Primary called me to let me know that our youngest child, Autumn, was with her. She told me that a child in Autumn’s class pulled her hair and held it back and when the child let go, Autumn’s face hit a table and made her nose bleed. She said it bled a lot and everywhere. Table, chair, and on Autumn.

I was of course concerned and upset and wanted to speak to my child. Autumn told me as best she could that her nose had bled and she had ice on it. I talked again with the nurse asking if it was tender, swollen, etc to be sure it wasn’t broken. The nurse checked all these and assured me it was not. It takes roughly an hour to reach the school from my work so it was pointless for me to drive to the school at the time. I planned on talking to my daughter when I got home. I posted a rant on Facebook upset about someone picking on my child and shortly after, received a surprising phone call.

My husband Jacob is an EMT so naturally we have a few EMT friends. My phone call was from a on duty EMT who’s children also go to WC schools and the same for he’s partner. He’s partner’s wife and child came to the station just after school and his daughter was explaining to her parents that she had blood on her book bag. She told them that a girl in her class had a bloodily nose and what she told them next left me enraged. She told them that a boy pulled the girls hair then SLAMMED her face into the table. I spoke with Autumn later and she basically told me the same but also said, before he slammed her face into the table, he told her “you have a ugly face”.

Autumn is in Pre-K. She is four years old.

She has told me in the past that this child in particular has been mean to her but never mentioned him hurting her. She told me in such a nonchalant manner that I brushed it off. They are still little people with raw emotions. I now regret not speaking to her teacher about the matter. Now I am concerned about future encounters not just for my child, but for others.

After the phone call, I did call the school and speak to the principal and make him aware of the situation. He would get with the teacher first thing Monday. We will be coming as well to check in and touch base but mainly I want to know what the next step will be. I need to know that my child will feel safe and unafraid. We shall see.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mainly I wanted to make others aware that bullying can start at a early age. Please pray for the child that feels he needs to hurt others. There is always a reason that they have come to this level. I will continue to pray for Dustin and those touched by his life. We will be sure to wear our blue in his honor Monday and Tuesday and hold our candles high Tuesday night. Autumn too!

Please, if you have a story to share, please email us at ajournal@thealbanyjournal.com and let us know.

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