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Self-described ex-racist Shirley Sherrod sues nicest person in Los Angeles

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The Albany area is completely familiar with the name Shirley Sherrod.  Most long time residents have an opinion on the Sherrod family, though those opinions tend to be mixed depending on who you ask about it.  Shirley Sherrod’s name had been simply that of the wife of Charles Sherrod, a long time leader in Albany’s black community.

The wife clearly stepped out of the shadows following a video of a lecture she gave appearing on the popular conservative site, Breitbart.com.  As a result of the firestorm surrounding that video, Sherrod sued the sites founder, Andrew Breitbart, who died a short time later.

Now, the Daily Caller is reporting that Sherrod has shifted her aim to Breitbart’s widow.

Shirley Sherrod, the Department of Agriculture official who lost her taxpayer-funded sinecure after Andrew Breitbart posted a video of Sherrod revealing her struggle to overcome anti-white racism, has expanded her multi-year crusade against the late media entrepreneur by suing his unoffending widow, a mother of four who is loved by all who know her.

Sherrod, then-Georgia state director of rural development for the USDA, revealed in a March 2010 speech to the NAACP that she was initially unwilling to help a white farmer who sought assistance from her, but who, according to Sherrod, tried “to show me he was superior to me.” The incident she described happened in 1986 when she worked for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund.

After Breitbart posted a two-minute clip of Sherrod’s 43-minute stemwinder, Sherrod resigned under immense pressure from USDA and Obama administration bigwigs.

In the full video, Sherrod makes clear that she helped the farmer, and in the process realized that “it was between those that have and those that have not, and they could be black, they could be white, they could be Hispanic.”

She explains that although she had made a “commitment to black people and to black people only,” God later made her realize that “the struggle is really about poor people.” She further states that racial differences are a distraction from “the folks with money” who only “want to stay in power.” She also blames opposition to Obamacare on racism against a black president.

Susie Bean Breitbart is described as one of the “nicest people in Los Angeles”, and was apparently not involved in the day to day operations of Breitbart.com while her husband was alive.

However, sources familiar with the case argue that Sherrod’s shift has nothing to do with Mrs. Breitbart personally, but is directed at her as the successor to her husband’s web media empire.

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