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Syria Next On War Du Jour

By   /   September 5, 2013  /   Comments

© 9-4-2013 by James W. Layne, Jr writing as J. Walt Layne

What is it exactly that the U.S. is prepared to do in Syria? According to every straw poll, talking head, local diner, and that talking bobble-head on Fox News, We the People are not prepared to do anything. Why is it then, that our elected representation has let the opportunity pass to stand up and say no?

Saturday the head stinker, B.O. volleyed his unpopular resolution to the congress. He knuckled under to pressure from the pundits and notified the people that he rightfully doesn’t need to seek congressional approval for military action according to the War Powers Act. He then stated that he would seek their approval regardless and go from there.

I and many other people saw this one dying at the door of the chamber and the president once again exercising an executive order. But then the improbable happened. The congress which hasn’t agreed on the color of the sky, bear scat, or Shinola passed the president’s resolution which is a purely punitive measure with very unimpressive teeth.

Senator McCain, whom could widely be considered head waffler at the RINO club, added his amendment to go after regime change, but it’s all posturing. The resolution in its entirety does nothing but reiterate to the president that he has to get it done in a ninety-day window. He knew this already and so this has all just been posturing to allow the Assad Regime to move their pieces, so that these cruise missiles can go strike empty warehouses.
If they were serious, the discussion would have come after. After what? Well, there aren’t a lot of people in this nation who aren’t aware of the impressive array of missiles and bombs that this nation possesses. If they were serious, smart munitions could be employed. If they were both serious and angry they’d seize the sky and turn Syria’s government buildings and military posts into a heavy ordnance range, surgical strikes are fine, but Daisy Cutters create lasting memories.

I do not believe we have any business at all in Syria, and this is a point on which, by and large We the People agree on. Even the president knows that this is very questionable ground. The true deal breaker, because I do wholeheartedly support the idea of retribution, punishment, and an equal response for the use of chemical weapons, but the line blurs when we act alone.

When it all boils down, and you examine what’s left. You have a purely punitive measure that will not change the regime. It will not get Al Qaeda out of the rebel force. reduce or limit the probability of another or escalated chemical strike. Not only that but if we’re not prepared to make him own it, we condone it.
As a senator from Florida put it, “Our measure is a punitive measure for using chemical weapons. It is alright with us if they continue to kill their own people, so long as they use other means.” Is there any more positive proof that we don’t need to involve ourselves in this world war waiting to happen?

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