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Book Review: Joshuanism: A Path Beyond Christianity

By   /   September 29, 2013  /   Comments

A work of theology and spirituality, detailing an alternative to the current manifestations of Christianity, yet still rooted in the same Son of God.

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In this conversational, theological book, Tosto details a new spiritual approach for knowing God in the 21st century. This new approach is called Joshuanism, an evolved expression of Christianity (though it draws from other sources as well, such as Buddhism, existentialism, psychology, and science), rooted in the same son of God Christianity worships: Jesus. Yet in this case, we are approaching him with a fresh, unencumbered perspective, preferring to call on him by his Hebrew name: Joshua. Thus, Joshuanism.

The book is constructed to be a “journey of thought,” taking the reader through a presented argument for why an alternative, or a path beyond, is needed, what that path might look like, and why Joshuanism provides such an alternative for those who no longer see contemporary Christianity as a suitable means to practice their spirituality. Among the themes explored are: practical spirituality, authentic godliness, altruistic love, genuine faith, hope, intimate community, holistic health, the deconstruction of the organized church setting, the restoration of the home gathering, the removal of the financial system from spirituality, the marriage of faith and science, tolerance and acceptance, progressive spiritual thinking, and the evolution of our spiritual consciousness.

Though not meant to be a litany of defects, the book does explore, in great detail, the perceived failings of contemporary Christianity. Joshuanism: A Path Beyond Christianity is a well-researched, culturally relevant work that can draw even the staunchest of atheists into its engrossing and applicable discussions of theology and spirituality in everyday life.

About the Author: Michael Vito Tosto is a theological and spiritual writer and a former leader in the Christian Church. A graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in history, he has spent the last ten years researching the history and evolution of humanity’s theological consciousness. A voracious reader and an avid baseball fan, his other interests and pursuits include music production, poetry, photography, art, sociology, and geology. He lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Valerie.
“Joshuanism paints a new picture of the Savior, not by taking away or adding to who our Savior is, but by revitalizing our vision of him, furthering our perceptions of him, relentlessly renewing our passion for him, asking new questions about him, seeking new answers, and daring to believe that God still has much to reveal to us. Joshuanism offers everything Christianity offers, just in a different way.”
Excerpt from Joshuanism: A Path Beyond Christianity

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