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A poor workforce doing more to keep away industry than litter

By   /   August 6, 2013  /   Comments

Mayor Hubbard doesn’t like trash.  I get it.  Hundreds of Albanians have stepped up to her call to deal with litter around Albany.  Honestly, I don’t like to see it either and tip my hat at those intrepid souls who deal with the litter in our community.  Unfortunately for Mayor Hubbard, Albany has bigger problems than just some trash strewn about our city streets.

In an interview with a local television station, Mayor Hubbard said the following:

“People are not gonna spend 15 or 20 Million-dollars on us if we’re not clean, they’re just not gonna do it,” said Hubbard.

Well, that’s probable true.  However, I seriously doubt that the reason businesses aren’t investing 15 or 20 million in this community is litter.  While it’s never pretty, and it could well end up being a deciding factor for some business looking at Albany, right now it’s unlikely to be the case.

Folks, we have a poor excuse for a workforce.  Ask anyone who has been to a local fast food restaurant about their experiences.  Sure, there are some people in these positions that are really good, conscientious workers, the vast majority are just going through the motions.  Look at retail.  The same thing.  So what does that prove, you may ask?  These are the lowest rungs of employment, and also the people most likely to be looking for a good paying job should it come to Albany.  That is what employers see, and that is what is keeping them away.

When Mayor Hubbard was elected, she talked a lot about education.  I pointed out then that the mayor has practically zero influence on education, but still she campaigned.  Fine.  Now here we are, a couple of years into her tenure as Albany’s mayor, and where are we at educationally?  I’ve seen no movement on her campaign promise.  The truth is, there are some things can do when it comes to education; they just have little to do with what we usually think of when we think education.

Our workforce is what is lacking in education, and that is far, far more likely to push away potential employers than any amount of litter will do.  Where has the mayor’s call for those who find themselves under employed to get themselves educated?  Where is her call to step up and help these citizens of our fair community become educated?

Let’s be honest folks, with the amount of programs available to the disadvantaged for education, there’s really no excuse for someone to not at least try.  Is school for everyone?  No, but most folks could at least pick up some kind of skill that might help lure potential employers here.

However, what we hear from Mayor Hubbard is more of her “smoke and mirrors” plan to distract us from the fact that she’s accomplishing little to nothing during her tenure.  Even many Albanians who have answered her call hold that this is nothing more than a plan to distract the populace from the fact that nothing is really changing in Albany.

Now, by all means, pick up litter.  I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to threaten jail time for someone who litters, but this isn’t really about litter.  Much of the trash that needs to be “picked up” are things that can’t be placed in a trash bag.  Maybe someday we’ll see Mayor Hubbard speak out about cleaning that off of our city streets.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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