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Help for Oklahoma

By   /   May 22, 2013  /   Comments

It hasn’t been all that long ago.  On multiple occasions, the people of Southwest Georgia counted on help from across the nation as we rebuilt from floods and tornadoes alike.  Nameless and faceless people from all parts of this nation sent what they could because we, the people of Southwest Georgia, needed it.  It came from places like New York, Texas, Alabama and yes, it came from Oklahoma.

Now, it’s time to give back.

The tragedy is something that the community can recover from.  We know that all too well.  We’ve done it ourselves.  They have as well.  However, they can’t do it alone.

Now, we have a chance to repay some of the people who have helped us.  Yes, there are some wounds we can never repair.  Parents who lost their children will endure, but we can’t fix that.  No one can.

However, it’s imperative that we send what we can.  People have lost everything.  Somewhere in your home, you have clothes you don’t wear anymore.  You have shoes that you just aren’t loving anymore.  You have stuff that you don’t want or need any longer.

Someone in Oklahoma needs that right now.

I’m not going to pretend to tell you where you should donate.  Some people will be a fan of the Red Cross.  Others will prefer the Salvation Army.  Still others will work through their own church.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter what conduit you choose to use.  What matters is that you use it.

If you’ve lost everything before, I’m calling on you to tell people how it felt when strangers from across the nation gave from their heart to help you recover.  People need to know how much it means to those affected to have a box brought to you with clothing for every member of your family so you can start the process of returning to normalcy.

What happened in Oklahoma is tragic.  Anyone can see that, plain as day.  However, we can fight the tragedy without a whole lot of effort on our part.  We just gather what we can.  Maybe we buy a few extra cans of food, or we raid our pantry for stuff that’s been in there for a little while.

Whatever you can do, do it.  If everyone in Southwest Georgia were to step up, we alone could help Moore, OK recover completely.  We could do it all on our own, but we won’t have to.  There’s a whole nation here to help.  However, we need to do our part.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, give.  I don’t even care what you give, just that you give.  They gave for us.  We need to give for them.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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