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We all hurt today

By   /   April 16, 2013  /   Comments

An eight year old boy was among the three killed yesterday when a bomb scarred the face of the Boston Marathon.  Tomorrow, we will all probably point fingers at each other about who is responsible for the environment that lead to this, but today we all just plain hurt.

I look at the photographs of eight year old Martin Richard and all I can think of is my 11 year old son and my one year old daughter.  There but for the grace of God and all that.

There is something particularly heart-wrenching about a young child being killed.  It’s not just that it was someone so young either, though that is certain part of the equation.  No, it’s something much deeper.

We look at that smiling face, and we think of our own smiling faces.  We think of our children, our nieces and nephews, our cousins or neighbors.  We think of the children in our lives, who never fail to bring joy to us, and we wonder how we would find joy if they were suddenly ripped out of our lives.

This is the world we experienced several months back when Newtown, Conn. became the site of a horrible event.  Those feelings were brought back yesterday when we learned about Martin.  Right now, his family is battling other nightmares as his sister has lost a leg to the blast while his mother was also injured.  The family was there to greet Martin’s father who was running the race.

Martin reportedly wanted to give his father a hug following the race.  I have to admit, this is a gut punch.  Why?  Because I know damn good and well that my kids would have wanted to do the same thing.  They would have been standing in that area as well, all to tell me how great a job I did.

Tomorrow, we can all go back to being Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians.  Tomorrow, we can all go back to hating everything one another stands for.  Tomorrow, we can go back to pointing fingers at one another, blaming the other guy for what happened yesterday afternoon.  Today, we all hurt.  Today, our hearts are with the families that lost loved ones, particularly Martin Richard’s but all the others.  Our prayers are with those families, and with those who were hurt by an act of cowardice.

Today, we all hurt.  Let us all hurt in peace.  We can go back to being jackals and jerks tomorrow.  Today, let’s just be human beings.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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