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The Movie Guy: The Imposter and The Factory

By   /   April 4, 2013  /   Comments

The Imposter (Now on Netflix…)

A few notes about not feeling well, when you’ve got the local crud going around you can find yourself renting or watching more movies (I touched on this briefly last week…) and sometimes the movie watching experience can be good and sometimes it can be just god-awful. Thankfully ‘The Imposter’ turned out to be one of the better experiences.

When I first saw a preview for ‘The Imposter’ I’d read that it was based on a 1994 missing children’s case (Nicholas Barclay) and I thought that like most of the time Hollywood was going to make up a story that loosely revolves around what actually happened, sort of like ‘Without a trace’ did with the Etan Patz story back in the 80’s, what I found instead was a gripping interview of the people involved in the case. The only time there were actors involved in this movie is when they did a flash back to something and it was seamless enough that it took me a second to catch on to the fact that those were actors.

Thirteen year old Nicholas Barclay goes missing after having gone off to play basketball, the San Antonio authorities look for him to no avail and eventually three years pass without a track of him being found. Suddenly he ‘is found’ in Spain and when he is returned to his older sister who comes to pick him up he’s a very different boy. He tells stories about being horribly abused and tortured as well as being beaten if he spoke English and being made to speak on Spanish. What eventually comes out, after they get him home, after he rejoins his life and begins to attend high school and see a local girl, is that this isn’t now sixteen year old Nicholas Barclay, but is fact twenty-three year old Frederic Bourdin a confidence man. There is no resemblance between the two of them and you’re left wondering how the family could fall for something like this when you see the photos side by side with one another. But Bourdin, a sick ghoul of a man isn’t leaving the States without first trying to make himself famous and throws out all sorts of accusations before we reach the end.

This is a gripping tale and one that sadly has no end, the only explanation you ever get from the family as to why or how they could fall for this deception is the same as you would get from anyone in this situation. They wanted Nicholas back so badly, that they believed what they were told.

5 stars out of 5, this was one helluva ride!

The Factory (Now on Netflix…)

                This is a movie that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be when it grows up. It starts off as a movie about serial killers and the cops that chase them and then turns into some sort of movie about an illegal baby mill that the serial killer puts together in the basement of his own home. John Cusack plays the detective hunting this serial killer who seems to be killing prostitutes, only to take them captive for his basement-o-love…

The problems I had with this movie are numerous and here are a few: If you’re going to make a movie about serial killers killing prostitutes (of which there are many such films made…) at least stick with your guns and make that movie. Don’t muddy the waters with some storyline about baby mills. Secondly, if you’re going to get into a gritty, faux-noir hard-boiled detective movie about such things, you might want to actually hirer an actor that looks like he can pull that sort of role off. John Cusack is as scary and as threatening as my grandmother was, that is to say that while he can appear upset, disturbed or down-right angry, threatening and tough are outside of his abilities as an actor. He played Lloyd Dobler in ‘Say anything’ and Denny Lachance in ‘Stand by me’, Michael Madsen from Kill Bill would have been perfect for this part.

1 Star out of 5, and The (Baby) Factory…really?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One boxed set (Now in your local retailers or on Amazon…)

                This boxed set comes in a stylishly designed faux-briefcase looking case that lights up, contains all sorts of nifty replicas of various things from the different Marvel Comics movies as well as containing the Blue-ray (and blue-ray 3d versions of…) Ironman, Ironman 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and finally the Avengers.

This thing is a 10 disk carrying monster of a purchase, my strong suggestion would be to purchase this thing with the intention of keeping it out of harm’s way and not give it to a child who would absolutely love the glowing cube and briefcase, but rather keep it as a unique and interesting piece of cinematic history.

3 stars out of 5, Avengers assembled!



Keith Kilburn and his wife, Dawn, live in Leesburg with two cats and dog named Godzilla. He’s written for Herorealm.com before they were bought out by corporate interests and has written a novel that he’s working on publishing. It’s rumored that he’s seen more movies than Blockbuster rents in a year and knows more about comic books than Stan Lee himself!

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