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The Movie Guy: Hitcock and Unknown

By   /   April 17, 2013  /   Comments

Hitchcock (Now available on DVD in your finer outlets…)

                This is a movie about famed director Alfred Hitchcock and his exploits to get the movie ‘Psycho’ made. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the movie as they had cast Anthony Hopkins in the role of Hitchcock as he is an actor known for chewing through scenery and other lesser actors. Hopkins is, in my humble opinion, the best actor to come out of the early 1990s. When he tells you that he “ate liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. “, you believe it. When he tells Benecio Del Toro that he has done “Terrible things…” you believe it and feel the weight of it in your chest and when he tells Thor, as the all-father Odin, that he is a ‘vain, greedy, cruel boy!’, you feel as though your father is yelling at you. Anthony Hopkins can, through the conveyance of emotions beyond the celluloid footprint he has left on the world, evoke an emotional reaction from an audience member. He, as an actor, in my opinion can do anything and is the only actor I would pay money to see read from a phonebook.

The movie chronicles Alfred Hitchcock’s efforts to get Psycho made and in doing that it shines a light on the fact that at the time he was trying to get this movie off the ground, he wasn’t that highly thought of. I talk about this sort of thing a lot outside of this column, before he was ‘THE’ Alfred Hitchcock; he was just ‘Alfred Hitchcock’, a guy trying to get movies made so that he could provide a few good scares for the audience. He actually did a lot of work in television, a common enough practice these days, but during the time period we’re talking about something of a rarity. His last movie had made some money, but wasn’t setting Hollywood on fire and the thought of his next movie for the studio being about a cross-dressing patricidist serial killer didn’t sit well with movie executives.  This movie is an interesting study in the mind and habits of Alfred Hitchcock and in that we have something of a movie within a movie. If you’re familiar with his body of work you know how the movie ends and there is a witty commentary on what the next movie he was thinking of making might be.

If you have the chance and can find it on DVD, I highly recommend ‘Hitchcock’ as it’s worth it just to see Anthony Hopkins conduct a symphony to the psycho music.

4 stars out of 5, Deet-deet-deet-deet…..

Unknown (On Netflix and available to rent…)

                ‘Unknown’ at its core is a heist film wrapped in a mystery. Five people wake up locked in a warehouse trying to figure out not only who they are, but how they got there. The cast is made up from people you might recognize: Jim Caveziel (Passion of the Christ), Greg Kinnear (Dear God), Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix), Jeremy Sisto (Law and Order) and Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan). As the movie unfolds you realize that a couple of these people were kidnapped and some of them are kidnappers. This is a well thought out film, filled with twists and turns and certainly worthy of a couple hours of your viewing time.

4 stars out of 5, I’m not with them…I’m with me.



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