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Some places do it right

By   /   April 8, 2013  /   Comments

Good customer service is a problem here in Albany.  There’s no other way to cut it.  Some folks just don’t understand the realities of business, and the result is crappy customer service.  However, someone in this town gets it right.

Saturday, my family went to Red Lobster for supper.  We hadn’t been their in a while, so we weren’t really sure what to expect with their new menu.

My son, always adventurous for an 11 year old, ordered a lobster pizza.

After some time, my wife and I got our food, but the server said he had sent my son’s pizza back.  It was a little black around the edges, so he didn’t want to serve something unsatisfactory to my son.  Win point number one.

It took a little while to get my son his food, but soon enough it was there.

A short time later, a manager named Kristina came over to apologize.  “It’s OK,” I said, understanding that the server did the right thing.

She quickly held up her hand and said, “No, I’m paying for your pizza.”  She didn’t believe it was right for us to have to wait like we did, and she wanted to make it right.

Once upon a time, this was how businesses were run.  A combination of factors has played into the shift from this to what we have today, not the least of which is people trying to take advantage of this fact, has killed it.

However, at least one Albany business understands exactly how to keep customers coming back, and that’s by taking care of them.  I hadn’t been a huge fan of Red Lobster, mostly because I’m not a big fan of seafood.  I am now.  By making an effort to take care of their customers, Kristina showed me that she actually cared about her customers and her business.

Now, if only we could get this lesson to trickle into the rest of Albany’s businesses, we might just get ahead.  Here’s hoping anyways.

For the record, Kristina had no clue who I was, so don’t anyone think that this was a way to suck up to the publisher of The Albany Journal.  It wasn’t.

Some folks say I complain a lot.  They’re right.  I do complain a lot.  However, I prefer to compliment, and that’s what I’m doing today.  The folks at Red Lobster here in Albany got it right.  I encourage folks to go there and let them know they did it right, and let people know when any other restaurant doesn’t.

That’s how we get them all doing it right.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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