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Redfish can’t jump

By   /  April 29, 2013  /  Buddy Carter  /   Comments


Tweet Some of my fondest memories of growing up in coastal Georgia are of going fishing with my dad. While I enjoyed fresh water fishing, my favorite was salt water.  I remember studying the tide charts in the paper and hoping that the right tide would coincide with his days off.

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The Movie Guy: The top 10 worst superhero movies ever made…

By   /  April 29, 2013  /  Movie Guy  /   Comments

Keith Kilburn

Tweet With the glut of superhero movies that are coming in the next couple of months (Ironman 3, Man of Steel…) I thought I would compile for you the 10 worst. So bear in mind that these 10 are in my humble opinion the worst offenders made and are in no real order.

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So You Say You’re Angry? So What.

By   /  April 29, 2013  /  Charlie Harper  /   Comments

Charlie Harper Headshot

Tweet It was not so long ago when anger was a pejorative in politics.  Those trying to marginalize the Tea Party as it originally organized referred to them as an “Angry Mob”.  Without much sense of irony, this angered many that were part of the protests.  But the anger wasn’t the kind of blinding anger [...]

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