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The Walking Dead…

By   /   March 16, 2013  /   Comments

AMC has created a monster smash hit with The Walking Dead. A tale of humanity and survival during the zombie apocalypse. Watching the first episode of season one, it will be easy to understand why one would become an addict. Great show and I highly recommend getting into the zombification that is sweeping America.

As the show progresses into each season, I start to morph fantasy into reality. The survivors of the show transform into conservatives and libertarians, and the zombies are Obama’s followers. Now before some of you stop reading and start tweeting that I am in favor of bashing in the skulls of registered democratic voters, allow me to explain.

True conservatives and libertarians are a rare breed. Survival is a daily struggle for us, and just as in the show we are constantly attacked by zombies. Excuse me, I mean to say ‘liberal pundits.’ They claw at us, wanting our flesh to fuel their impetuous hunger for the purpose of blogging and demonizing. There is no regret for the damage they cause, and they routinely disregard any truthfulness in the matter. One slip of the tongue or a misinterpreted quote and they swarm into a feeding frenzy.

The pundits are of the higher hierarchy of zombies. The misinformed and uneducated Obama supporters are far below in the food chain. These zombies feed on the pundits’ regurgitated opinions. Unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, they eagerly ingest what is fed to them. The problem is they spread the zombie disease (ignorance) like wild fire. Fictional zombies are one dimensional, just as most Obama supporters. “Just feed us and we will follow.”

And what of the hair raising moans that are characteristic of a zombie? “Republicans are raaaaacist. Romney killed the guy’s wiiiife. They’ll throw granny over the cliiiiiff…” Scary, right? Maybe these zombies could use a good beating with a ‘common sense wiffle ball bat.’ (Awe, I just received my very first hate tweet!)

How do we solve this disease that has developed into a plague? Seldom do we read an apology for a damaging story or a blatant ‘error’ in reporting the news. Is lying now considered the new norm? When once bitten by ignorance, it may be impossible to reverse. Obviously the schools are not instructing the future zombies to fact check or debate in a civilized manner. Ever try to debate a liberal? One will have about as much luck persuading a zombie not to devour them.

To prove my case, one must merely Google “man on the street, Obama voter,” to understand. On election day, both in 2008 and 2012, a popular shock jock had one of his minions interviewing Obama voters. I will not reveal to you the details, but it is quite amusing. The mindless zombies, er voters, had no clue. Walking into a booth, punching the chad of the name with a ‘D’ beside it does not qualify one to be on top of the political game. “R’s is baaaad. D’s is gooood…”

Obama was a rising star, a shimmer of light that guided many to his hive. Instead of flesh and blood he offered free meals and kool-aid. Is it not ironic that fireworks and bright lights also attract zombies?

Food for thought…


J Winkleman is above all, a family man. A committed fiscal conservative with a hint of libertarian views on social issues. Enjoys calling it as he sees it with a touch of satire. Military veteran, lover of photography and dreams of being a conservative commentator on MSNBC.

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