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The Movie Guy: Stand Up Guys and Argo

By   /   March 3, 2013  /   Comments

Stand up Guys (Now in limited release….)

     I’m not a huge Al Pacino fan, I know that might seem strange given that I love movies, but like Robert Deniro, I think Pacino has his time and place in the landscape of movies that get made. Pacino, like the aforementioned Deniro, is a serious method actor and someone who takes his craft very serious being known for researching roles that he takes meticulously before putting his method acting to work. This is a very serious actor so when you see him in a comedy it’s a little on the strange side to see him ‘out of his depth’ like he was in last summer’s ‘Jack and Jill’ or in ‘Stand up Guys’.

Val (played by Pacino) is a mobster who went to prison for twenty-eight years and his lifelong friend and partner Doc (played by Christopher Walken) is given the job of killing Val by their former boss. Doc has until 10 A.M. the next morning to kill Val or he’ll be killed as well. The movie deals heavily with the weight and responsibility of getting older and the prices we pay in reaching those ages. These are two characters who, in another time and place, you could easily see destroying lesser-men but who are themselves lesser-men because of their age and the infirmities that life has inflicted on them. Christopher Walken’s character takes any number of drugs to stay functional and Pacino is reduced to walking cautionary Viagra tale when he takes the pills by ‘the handful’.

Having watched this movie at the Jack Bailes film festival in sunny Addisonville, Georgia I can tell you it was a hit with both the older folk (who loved interplay between Pacino and Walken) and the younger folk (who just loved Walken.)

4 stars out of 5, Donchu feggeddit either!

     Argo (Out on Video now…)

Who would have thought that Ben Affleck has a second Oscar in him? He and Matt Damon won the first time for writing ‘Good Will Hunting’ and he has turned around and won a second time for best picture with Argo.

The movie takes place during the Iran Hostage situation in the seventies and deals with the C.I.A. trying to rescue six escaped hostages from the Canadian ambassador’s residence. The movie deals with the C.I.A. coming up with the idea of sending in an agent to get the people out by claiming to be making a science fiction movie. The hope is that they can pull the six escapees out of the country by issuing them fake passports and IDs claiming to be the movie crew.

This is based on a very true story as the majority of it actually happened. (Some things were changed for the movie…) but the gist of the story is there. I’d heard of the story, not having remembered it from my childhood, but rather having read about famed comic artist Jack Kirby’s contributions as it was some concept sketches of his that were used to show what the movie might look like (they are used and shown in the movie…)

All in all, it was an excellent movie.

4 out of 5 stars, Argoforgetaboutyourself (This will make sense when you watch the movie.



Keith Kilburn and his wife, Dawn, live in Leesburg with two cats and dog named Godzilla. He’s written for Herorealm.com before they were bought out by corporate interests and has written a novel that he’s working on publishing. It’s rumored that he’s seen more movies than Blockbuster rents in a year and knows more about comic books than Stan Lee himself!

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