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Georgia, and Albany, should be reaping the benefits

By   /   March 22, 2013  /   Comments

In the wake of Sandy Hook, many businesses are feeling unwelcome in their home states.  After all, they’re in the gun business.  The highest profile one so far has been Magpul industries, which very publicly stated that it would pull out of Colorado if the governor signed anti-gun measures.

He did.

However, Magpul isn’t alone.  Word circulated my way that even the venerable Colt is started to feel unwelcome in Connecticut, the state it was founded in way on back in 1848.  It’s hardly surprising, since Colt makes the AR-15 and its military version, the M-4.  In reality, there may well be many other companies which may bolt their home states, looking for greener pastures.

Albany should seek out these businesses.

After all, Georgia is already the home to one of the biggest firearm manufacturers in the nation.  Glock, which is one of the largest manufacturers of handguns in the world, has it’s US headquarters in Smyrna, so Georgia isn’t out of line.  We’re also well known as a “pro-gun” state that’s not likely to swing the other direction any time soon, so gun manufacturers can feel safe and at home here.

Here in Albany, we need manufacturing businesses.  I believe this is considered fairly universal.  Bringing in as many of these industries as humanly possible would do wonders for our economy.  In fact, I urge the city officials working on the job investment fund to hurry as quickly as they can and get the fund in place.  Here is a prime opportunity to use it.

Some may wonder why we would want these kinds of businesses here, but the truth is that we need any kind of business here.  However, this is almost an entire industry that is seeking to move from hostile territory to the more friendly confines of a pro-gun state.  Guns are not, and never have been, the enemy.  Companies like Magpul and Colt understand this, and may be looking to operate in an area where that is the general consensus.  Georgia in general, and Albany in particular, may well be the best place for these companies to look.

When is it ever bad to be in a win/win situation?  Ever?  That’s right.  Never.  Yet that’s what we’re looking at here.  If we can lure these businesses to Albany – and I sincerely hope phone calls are being made right now – then maybe we can break out of the economic funk we’ve been in all these years and move forward as a community.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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