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Failed Leadership Becoming a Burning Legacy

By   /   March 3, 2013  /   Comments

I used to take pride in my ability to listen to arguments at all levels, look beyond the limiting bonds of a persons language and temperament and be able to distill their real views from postured bravado, manufactured anger, and the assumed right of the so called disenfranchised to carry a poly-generational rage against those whom they are conditioned to believe are keeping them down. But the truth is, that I have wasted as much time and effort trying to understand as they have spent trying not to.

Elements of this group of people, whom we will call the “Willingly Manipulated” were beguiled into believing that electing and re-electing their candidate based on his being, “Ours.” Now this would not have been a bad sentiment if, “Their,” candidate (who was elected [twice] yet continues to campaign) had anyone’s best interest in mind aside from the broken ideology of the radical left.

It is now that I begin losing the Willingly Manipulated who have to call me a racist because it is how “Their” candidates sector operates, because if you don’t agree totally with the hand over fist giving away of God given rights and liberties in exchanged for a poorly steeped facsimile then that gives them the right to call you names and threaten you for trying to keep them in the place that “Their” despot has designated for them, either under his foot or on his coat tails at his pleasure based on the loyalty of his subjects. This logic of, “If you do not stand with us or kneel before us, then you stand against us,” is a ridiculous shovelful of horse poop.

I forget that I am not addressing the reading and thinking public when dealing with the Willingly Manipulated. An example I am hesitant to use, but will because social media now gives everyone a soapbox whether they need to be standing before it, on it, or buried in it, so here goes:

A meme flitting fervently through Facebook at this time is a photo divided into four boxes depicting Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, and Barack Obama. This photo’s specifics are that- Rosa Parks was arrested for Sitting. Dr. King was killed for Dreaming. Malcolm X was murdered for Honesty. And portrays Barack Obama as hated for Achieving? Aside from dividing a nation that could prosper together has he achieved anything but record deficits?

Okay, I’m not going to reopen civil rights debates, not for me to do, (and frankly the last thing this country needs is racial tension from the right when they get a steady and cheap supply from the left) my thoughts on this are very simple and I will try to be clear and brief because none of the target audience, the “Willingly Manipulated” are still reading anyway: In a different time in this nation when there were real threats and actions of true racial inequality happening in this country. Rosa Parks was an icon because of what she did, I had the distinct pleasure of having another freedom rider as a professor, these people are not billboards for the meme-bots to play with, there’s character here that they don’t understand and sadly it is being used against the very people Mrs. Parks stood, or sat down for. That lady is a hero for the cause if there is a cause. Dr. King set and example that all people of all races, colors, creeds, and religions can and should learn from and having read much of his work and about him I believe that his light was only just beginning to shine. Malcolm X, I honestly don’t know a lot about. I know that there is a lot more to the story that the romantic firelight tales that the Willingly Manipulated refer to, and theories that he was silenced are more credible than not. But this meme, whom an angry woman who falls into the percentages and is Willingly Manipulated posted to convey a message she’s been trained to believe by people who want her to fit into the, “poor me,” box.

And bless her heart I know her and she has a heart of gold, but as I say people are beguiled by what they’re taught. I just find it distasteful and harmful to the memories of the patriots of the racial equality cause to place the picture of the current president next to the least of them. It so cheapens what Dr. King, Rosa Parks and their ilk stood for that as I say, I hesitated to even use it, but the graphic spectacle is all that the Willingly Manipulated understand. My argument ends here with simple questions, “If he is a person of such great stature, why was he elected as the lesser of evils and not on a solid platform? His only platform issue was, “I’m not George Bush and my gimmick isn’t all mavericky.” It isn’t about his being black, though much of his support comes from that logic. That sort of small thinking is part of what keeps the Willingly manipulated in the place, “Their,” despot puts them. I voted for him the first time around as a lesser evil candidate, but that was before I knew him.

I’d throw the full weight of my support and fat jokes aside I mean well by saying I’d fully support a Herman Cain ticket or better a Dr. Benjamin Carson ticket. These are men who have taken the legacy of sacrifice of great individuals like Rosa Parks and Dr. King and ran with it, and not cheapened it with pity party cronyism. These guys Made the most of what they had and created opportunity for themselves and others along the way. The legacy that they are and will be remembered for is what they could give of what they built from what they earned, not what they could take from someone who earned just give to someone who wouldn’t.

This administration’s legacy is one of divisive speech, dishonest tactics, and distortion of the truth. They have lied about and covered up a number of very significant things. They are threatening and strong-arming journalists who have the nerve to say so. Being Willingly Manipulated doesn’t hurt the individual beyond a point, (it illustrates ignorance) but it harms the generations of that persons children who follow because they get stuck with the check.

Our country, its government, or anybody else owes any of us anything and our having it or not isn’t their responsibility. Neither is eighty percent of the assumed roles of this president’s regime. The role of the federal government is to ensure the security of the nation and make the way clear for states to provide opportunity for the system to function, not to remind us to breathe and wipe our back sides for us. Not everybody believes it, but its true. As my good friend from elementary school’s mother said to us, “Nobody in this life owes you nothin’, but they can’t keep you from going out to get your own,” she didn’t have much but she knew what was up. I loved my friend like a brother, didn’t bother me a bit that our skin was different colors.



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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