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Ending the insanity by defending ourselves

By   /   March 15, 2013  /   Comments

Yesterday, an elderly man was brutally beaten on Clark Avenue.  In a town that I can be extremely critical of, this took me to a whole new level of disbelief.  The thuggish behavior in this community has been tolerated long enough.  Just yesterday, I wrote about how some of this needs to change, and I still believe that it needs to.  However, it’s also clear to me that just waiting for parts of the community to step up just aren’t enough.

We also need to be prepared to end this kind of behavior in the short term…by defending ourselves.

Like it or not, platitudes and positive thinking will not fix this community.  It may or may not help, but it also needs action, and action has been sorely lacking of late.  Now, we have people fearing just walking down the street.  Is this Albany?  Is this the “Good Life” we love to tout as our heritage?  If this is the good life, then Lord only knows what a bad life looks like.

Some will blame Chief Proctor and his men and women.  Don’t.  Seriously, just don’t.  They are just a handful and they can’t be everywhere.  While there may well be places that the Albany Police Department needs improvement, we also can’t blame them for not protecting each and every citizen.  In Gonzales versus Castle Rock, the Supreme Court even stated that the police don’t have an obligation to protect us.  The fact that APD does try to do it, even though it’s been mandated that they’re not required to, is all that you need to know.
However, it’s up to you and me to defend ourselves.  It’s up to us to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  Yes, I’m saying we need to arm up.  I don’t care what Dianne Feinstein says, we need to take up arms.  What does a California liberal elite know about life in Albany, Georgia?  Nothing!

Each person who is able to, needs to purchase a handgun.  Each person who is able needs to get their Georgia Weapons License (that’s handled through the Probate Court).  Each person who is able needs to carry that firearm.  And, last but most certainly not least, each person who does thisneeds to get trained on how and when to use that firearm.

Folks, there are people who like to say each expansion of gun rights will turn the streets of America into the Wild West.  Well, Albany is the Wild West, but without a Wyatt Earp or Wild Bill Hitchcock to save they day.  Even back then, those guys had to be at the right place at the right time.  Well, even in my cynicism, I believe that we outnumber the thugs.  Maybe once they realize we are not going to let our friends and neighbors be victims any longer, they’ll find somewhere else to be.

This isn’t to say I’m advocating vigilante justice.  No, the laws in Georgia are clear, and they need to be followed both in letter and in spirit.  However, we still need to be prepared to deal with thugs who think we are all just cattle and sheep, placed here for their amusement.  We’ve got to stop the insanity, and if that means stopping it permanently, then that’s their choice.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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