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Visions of a Coup in Progress

By   /   February 9, 2013  /   Comments

For sometime I and others have been writing ad nauseum on the subject of our high king Barackli Obummer, Jester Joe and the agenda that has preoccupied all of one term of his presidency and looks to become a fully operational plan in the next. I’m speaking of course on the undermining of America.

In recent days and hours, information of an even more disturbing nature than usual has stared filtering out through channels. Some of which is class and race division executed by pandering to the pliable minded. The other is doing in directly that which they cannot my law do directly. This three ring circus however is on the world’s stage.

In absolute honesty it is the people’s fault, we’ve allowed them to dismantle the education system in this country for twenty years. Standards so relaxed that illiterates graduate high school, go to college on the public dime, have their children at the public’s expense and line up to vote for their next entitlement. I know not all of my readers are conservative, I’m not asking you to be. You live in this country and you will be a victim of this clown’s coup, the same as I will, so I am concerned for you though even now you’re making a list of negativisms to leave burning in my email.

In discounting the mainstream media using what I call the Ivory Soap principle, 99 and 44/100% of it is hydrox, a placebo of real news. It’s a party line of the president’s disinformation campaign. However recently I’ve noticed a bit of slippage in the rug under which much has been swept.

Just yesterday, it came out that Fast & Nefarious Eric Holder the Attorney General of The United States had manufactured an interpretation of the law that would allow King Barry and his “Private Military Contractors” to conduct Predator Drone Strikes against American Citizens Abroad.

Now let me draw some lines of distinction here before the liberals among us think I’m either jumping on their bandwagon which I find to be less preferable than a root canal, or being a warmongering revolutionary, which honestly is what this country needs a lot more of right now.

I DO NOT advocate or agree with the principals’ asserting a manufactured interpretation of law that allows them to target private American citizens’ abroad, period. BUT, and this is a heavy but so pay attention, the line of distinction is, was and always should have been- that when an American citizen, naturalized, native born, migrated, generated, or synthesized in a lab enters a theater of war, goes into an active war zone and makes war on his countrymen, (any American, not just Soldiers, Sailors, Airpersons, or Marines) to embrace the ideals of an enemy regime he, she, it, they are no longer private citizens, nor are they enemy combatants subject to the laws of land warfare, nor are they subject to, or protected by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

They are traitors committing treason, an act punishable by death and sentence can be carried out by the lowest ranking Private acting on his oath of enlistment. For those not familiar that would be the line that reads to the tune of defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The average round of 9mm ball ammunition costs the government about a buck, factoring in economies of scale, transportation, shipping, handling, and the training of the best the world has to offer in operationally ready military personnel. After explanations, entanglements, and angry senators from this unfortunate kid’s home district saber rattle and posture they send him home in a casket better than the one they’d put the soldier in if the traitorous piece of garbage had killed him instead and this potential waste of millions in taxpayer dollars for housing, meals, study, and appointment of an expensive lawyer is handled for less than a grand.

Is it harsh? Yes! Is it hypocrisy for a confessed Christian to account for such sentiment? Perhaps, but it’s not for you to judge. Ask the mother of a soldier gunned down or blown up, or tortured by one of these idiots that the media and liberal factions want to anoint and defend. The saddest part of this is that the language of the manufactured latitude of law most likely doesn’t draw that distinction, and therein lies the rub (or rubs in the lies), the latitude for the government to exercise free will in the elimination of its detractors whom it cannot constitutionally take action against.

Stay tuned boys and girls because tomorrow we learn who the regime changers are, and why they have to pass muster and be appointed.



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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