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The Movie Guy: Warm Bodies and Bat-Man the Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and

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Warm Bodies (Now in Theaters…)

So let me come out and say that Warm Bodies is not the first ‘Zom-Rom-Com’ (Zombie romantic comedy…) ever to be made despite what ads and reviews for the movie seem to proclaim. That dubious honor falls to (as far as I know…) 1993’s ‘My boyfriends back’ a story where a girl’s boyfriend dies and then comes back as a (you guessed it…) zombie. Just when you thought you were safe from movies that used song titles as titles for the movie, along comes this pile of garbage. Now I know what you’re saying, it couldn’t be too successful or have anyone famous in it or you’d have heard of it before.

Well the sad fact is this; the movie has some actors in it that at the time were just starting their careers and who are now rather big named. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey were all in this movie and as a matter of fact it was the first movie that either Fox or McConaughey were ever in. I’m surprised that there is no two pack featuring this and the ever lame ‘Once bitten’ with Jim Carrey….

The one thing that this movie manages to do, that no zom-rom-com (or for that matter rom-coms in general…) has managed to do is actually tell the story from the point of view of the guy as well as the zombie’s perspective as well. Most romantic comedies are about two people doing terrible things to one another that no two people would ever put up with and then suddenly realizing (in the last 5 minutes of the movie of course…) that they’re really in love. ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ is the worst offender I can think of, because after all the things that happen in that movie, I am expected to buy into the fact that these two people would fall in love? Nope….

‘Warm Bodies’ at least sets this up in a way that seems plausible; Boy is a shiftless lay about even for a zombie who eats the boyfriend of the cute girl before falling in love with her. If something like this happened in reality would I expect the duo to make a go of it? Nope, but the movie hinges on the fact that she doesn’t find out about the eating of the boyfriend until well after the fact and only after ‘arrr’ saves her countless times. Something fundamental changes in him and what was once dead finds new life with the zombies beginning to return to life.


Is it realistic? Nope, but it is a funny and witty take on romantic comedies with the narrating dialogue done by ‘arrr’ to advance and tell his side of the story, with him going so far as to beg the audience to not think badly of him and to turn away when he has to do the zombie thing.

4 Stars out of 5, He is a zombie filled with love.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2 (Now on DVD….)

Back in 1985 comic book giant Frank Miller wrote and drew the mini-series that these animated movies are based on. The idea was simple enough to follow, 10 years after retiring a 55 year-old Batman comes out of retirement and cleans up Gotham City while taking on classic villains like ‘Two-Face’ and ‘The Joker’. After he is through with those two, he faces off against Super-man in a fight that rocked the comic world of 1985 and that to this day still makes me smile.

Oh it would be impossible for a ‘normal’ man to take out the man of steel, but Bat-Man as we all know is far from normal.

With voice work from Peter (I did ‘Robocop’!) Weller and Michael (I was on ‘Lost’….) Emerson the tale takes on a life of its own as it gives us a Bat-Man unlike we have never in an animated movie before. A word to the wise, you have to watch both movies together….

4 Stars out of 5, In all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember the one man who beat Superman!



Keith Kilburn and his wife, Dawn, live in Leesburg with two cats and dog named Godzilla. He’s written for Herorealm.com before they were bought out by corporate interests and has written a novel that he’s working on publishing. It’s rumored that he’s seen more movies than Blockbuster rents in a year and knows more about comic books than Stan Lee himself!

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