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The Movie Guy: A Good Day to Die Hard and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

By   /   February 22, 2013  /   Comments

A good day to Die Hard (Now in theaters…)

     Let me start off this review by first saying that I love Bruce Willis movies in a way that I am fairly certainly isn’t healthy for anyone to love them. This is an actor, who no matter what sort of role he is playing, can take a beating like no other man and somehow manages to come out on the other side of it okay. Just look at the long list of movies that he has done and count the number of times he has taken a beating and you’ll see what I am talking about, if one were so inclined you could come up with a Bruce Willis drinking game where you would have to stop drinking if you couldn’t name a movie he took a beating in.

Unfortunately Bruce Willis isn’t like the otherwise immortal (Sir) Patrick Stewart who looks the same since his days piloting the Starship Enterprise during Star Trek: The Next Generation nearly twenty-five years ago. As a result Bruce Willis isn’t taking nearly as many beatings in his movies these days as John McClain has finally learned to ‘shoot scumbags’ and just be done with it.

The movie deals with John (I should have long since retired as I am getting to old for this stuff…) McClain going to Russia in an attempt to reconcile with his wayward son who as fate would have it works for the C.I.A. Throw in some clever banter on the part of Bruce Willis, a dash of violence, some gun play and we’ve got ourselves a Diehard movie! Thankfully this one is rated ‘R’ and we get the return of a time honored catchphrase which got butchered to achieve a ‘PG-13’ rating in the last movie.

So who is in this movie? Bruce Willis and beyond that no one that I recognize other than the girl who played his daughter in Diehard 4 returning for a brief cameo and to play the ‘calm voice of reason’ in the movie. Besides, let’s be honest here, we’re really just here to see Bruce Willis do his thing, anything else is just some party favors they hung up to make the movie look pretty.

3½ stars out of 5, after this movie Russia is gonna need a paint job and a heavy load of screen doors.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (Now on DVD….)

I can sum up my review of this movie in four simple words: Don’t waste your money.

     0 Stars out of 5, only because I don’t want to start the trend of giving negative numbers in a review….



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