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Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration… Oh, My!

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So much being made lately by the big media players (those who get and or pay money to the federal government in order to use airwaves and bandwidth in order to spread the president’s socialist agenda) about the impending sequestration, shifting language and the ever present shell game again to reflect negatively on the opposition.

For the last four years plus election cycle you and they blamed President George W. Bush for all the woes of this nation from A to Z. In the mid term republicans bore the lash for trying to stymie the president’s efforts to pass a budget frontloaded with gimmicky pork barrel kickbacks for those with clout, not that they were innocent, but could with latitude plead not guilty.

In his attempt to shed a more negative light on the republican budgetary proposal made by Paul Ryan, he- that is President Barack Hussein Obama chose to take a couple of lesser clauses in the proposed budget to make his key issues for proposing mandatory sequestration (sounds harsh, but we’ll get to why it isn’t in a moment) of defense spending.

He shook his fist, used that reverendly tone which he likes to affect when playing the victim, my Chicago readers know what I’m talking about (He’s yours and you can have him back), right? He demanded then and successfully passed a razor margin vote for this mandatory Band-Aid measure that was going to solve all of this country’s financial woes in one fell swoop because of all that unregulated military spending that was buying Mitt Romney’s new navy…

This was of course nothing more than another point on a laundry list of shenanigans this president and his praetorians have used to avoid passing a budget. This I might add in the wake of continuing the executive and congressional failure to act on a balanced budget amendment with a meaningful recall provision for leaders who are not cutting the mustard when it comes to acting effectively on behalf of the people. It seems to me that Hope and Change should look like a balanced budget considering that our nations problems seem always linked to money.

Now this sequestration. Which is in this case defined as suspending property (money) in a neutral depository (holding it in committee but not in the pockets of the members) until its ownership is adjudged (they decide who it belongs to) and it is returned to its rightful owner. This is nothing more than another arm of the shell game being perpetrated upon the American People by those who are not here to help.

This argument is over 84 billion dollars. The cost of 1.2% mandatory spending reductions, over a 10 year period. They have wasted more money that than letting the vacationer in chief mug for the camera and travel around playing the victim in locations around the country statistically determined to be the most likely place where a presidential visit might add a point or two to his popularity and garner enough clout to pass these ridiculous agenda items that he can’t sledgehammer by executive order.

The truth is, he proposed this sequestration to threaten defense jobs. Furlough is an ugly word they use that means government employees get laid off, just like the rest of us who are subject to the silly stall shovelings that he’s got going on. The only thing, their union has their back and they get to recoup lost wages when it blows over… What about you and me? We get stuck with the check and don’t even get a kiss.

This time however, the devil in the details is finally taking him to task. This 1.2% is likely to be the only cuts (read- the only place spending doesn’t grow) made by this administration and, you can see the way it causes them to sizzle… Like a certain person of color (green) in OZ (a kingdom invented by L. Frank Baum) with a specific aversion to water… “Don’t oppose me… I’m melting, melting…” Moron… My patience is melting, and if the people of this nation have any sense theirs is melting too.

All of this was just another effort to kick the can down the road and take the ownership of the nation’s financial woe’s out of the hands of the do nothing congress and hopefully pass it on to the give him his way so he shuts up congress, but it isn’t happening. Debt ceilings and fiscal cliffs loom, and when I told you we had an idiot control problem, it looks like we rounded them all up and sent them to do public service in Washington.

So here we are, it is 1980 all over again. We have an ineffective president. Questionable diplomatic and military matters being swept under the rug. The Olympics were good with a few bright spots, but not many. We’re once again forced to put our national faith into the incompetent because embracing God is out of the question for such advanced liberal beings (speaking of which don’t you libs have relatives and fellow students to talk out of going to the middle east to fight the injustice of American intervention, or are the drone strikes just what the doctor ordered). At this time in history it has become fashionable to boil people down to their sound bite, so let me misquote Herb Brooks, coach of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, the so called Dream Team, “[Our government] is as effective as a bunch of monkeys trying to make love to a football.”



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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