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Can ASU take a lesson from Darton?

By   /   February 1, 2013  /   Comments

Albany State University isn’t pleased that Darton State College can offer a bachelors in nursing degree.  However, now that Albany Tech is offering an associates program for nursing, maybe ASU could get a lesson from Darton.  After all, so far at least, Darton isn’t screaming and stamping their feet about how unfair it all is.

The response ASU had was quite a topic for a while.  After all, as I argued then, why are they arguing about this when it’s clear that ASU simply couldn’t produce all of the nurses the region needed?  They claimed all sorts of nonsense about how Darton’s new program would hurt ASU.  Yes, I said nonsense, because that is what it was.

Now, we have Albany Tech jumping in on the associates in nursing bandwagon, something that has traditionally been Darton’s bailiwick, and what did we hear from them?  Crickets chirped.  That was about it.

Education needs to look at the free market for a moment, and pick up a few things.  You see, Darton isn’t worried about Albany Tech’s new program because theirs is so good, they’re not likely to lose out on students.  Even if some prospective students opt for Albany Tech instead of Darton, there are plenty of folks who will take their place.  Darton knows that that their reputation and quality will serve them far, far better than to raise a stink about a new upstart.

By contrast, ASU’s nursing program has a reputation of…well…sucking.   The program almost lost its accreditation a short time ago due to so many graduates not being able to pass the nursing exam.  When Darton stepped up to offer a Bachelors of Nursing – this is after ASU was no longer under threat of losing accreditation – Albany State went ballistic.  They screamed racism, among other things.

The truth of the matter was that ASU figured that Darton’s new program would hurt theirs.  The best and brightest, who had been all but forced to go to ASU for their bachelors, or else drive to Americus (which many did to avoid going to ASU), would decide to go to Darton instead.  The fact is, if ASU had offered a better quality program, they wouldn’t have had nearly as much to worry about.

The fact is, when you do good work, competition isn’t a bad thing.  Darton seems to understand this, which is why there’s no wailing and gnashing of teeth over Albany Tech’s program.  Albany State University should probably take a good, long look at that.  It’s a valuable lesson they should take to heart.  After all, the more education we have in Albany, the better the community will be as a whole.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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