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The Movie Guy: This is 40 and Revenge of the Ninja

By   /   January 14, 2013  /   Comments

This is 40 (In theaters now…)

So this is a pseudo sequel to the 2007 movie ‘Knocked Up’ and let’s be honest with ourselves here, there was never a need for a sequel to ‘Knocked Up’ and the characters in that movie (or in this one…) are hardly worthy of being put on film outside of a straight to video release. Thank goodness for Judd Aptow and his career, as a result his wife Leslie Mann has a role in every movie he’s ever done as seemingly does Paul Rudd, whose one brief run in with a dramatic like role (Halloween 6) has long since been forgotten.

This is a depressing movie about people turning 40 and losing their minds over the fact. I’ve summed it up in one sentence for you and God how I wish someone had done that before I spent the time and money to. No amount of depressing birthday related, lying about their age stories, worrying because you think your breasts are sagging and jealousy over the ‘hot’ twenty-something that you’re employing who you think is stealing from you is going to make this movie funny.

According to Judd Aptow, everyone who turns 40 just loses their mind and lies about their age. It’s funny, all the people that I know who are 40, including my wife and the vast majority of my friends, never reacted this way. Please don’t waste your time or money on this horrible movie, it was painful to watch and I would spare you the suffering…

0 stars out of 5, This is not 40….

Revenge of the Ninja (On DVD and Netflix now….)

Before there were zombie and vampire crazes, the 80s gave us the ‘ninja craze’. There were more ninja (and Martial Arts in general) related movies during the 80s then there have been since and it was during that period that we got such colorful phrases like ‘karate-man’ and ‘the power of the ninja’, if the Ninja had any real power it was the money that they made from the cash cow the craze created. Few people realize that ‘Revenge of the Ninja’ is the second movie in an unofficial trilogy of ninja movies featuring Sho Kusagi as three separate ninjas over the course of the series and not really connected in anyway other than having him and ‘Ninja’ in the title.. (‘Enter the Ninja’ and ‘Ninja III: The Domination’ being the other two…)

The movie deals with a ninja master (played by Sho Kusagi….) who has retired from the ninja way of life and now has a wife and children who are attacked and killed by ninja hell-bent on destroying the peace that Sho has found. Sho battles the ninja clad in their ninja uniforms and red headbands hiding in plain sight or behind the palm trees. I’m reminded of a ‘Tick’ comic book where the title character is attacked by a ‘million-zillion ninjas’ who use broken tree branches to disguise themselves as shrubbery. Sho and his son survive the attack and they move to the states were Sho takes up teaching ninjitsu to hot blondes and making dolls that are really a cover for the smuggling operation for the true ninja mastermind who is using the benevolent Sho’s trusting nature while using his ninja hypnosis against the local hot blonde. The movie culminates with an ‘epic’ battle between Sho and his friend Braden who is secretly the ‘evil’ ninja trying to control the local drug trade while getting chicks with his ninja hypnosis.

This movie has it all: ninjas, gangsters, ninja hypnosis, kids who know martial arts, killer grannies and an Indian on ninja fight to the finish! Sho Kusagi is the Bruce Willis of ninja films taking more of a beating than is humanly possible while meting out ninja justice! Check out this 1980s treat today, I give it my patented cinema gold seal of approval!

4 ½ stars out of 5, Ninja hypnosis made me do it….



Keith Kilburn and his wife, Dawn, live in Leesburg with two cats and dog named Godzilla. He’s written for Herorealm.com before they were bought out by corporate interests and has written a novel that he’s working on publishing. It’s rumored that he’s seen more movies than Blockbuster rents in a year and knows more about comic books than Stan Lee himself!

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