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New Congress: It’s The Same Old Circus With Some Brand New Clowns

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Thursday was day one for the 113th Congress. So many promising young public servants and their families drove all the way to Washington D.C. to be sworn at by the Jester and get a look at their new digs. These poor people have no idea that their idealistic dream of going to our nations capital to change the country have just evaporated. Why, you ask would I be so curmudgeonly as to tamp down the sprouting dreams of these promising baristas and hash slingers… Simple, someone in this nation needs to speak the truth, and the truth is the new congress still has too many ingredients carried forward from the last one.

Ingredients? Yes, ingredients that create a mess of piping hot air filled rubber biscuits. Too many of the same names remaining in their same positions- John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to name a few. Other supporting cast whose roles have not yet been defined are John Kerry and potentially Barney Frank the retiree who would like to sit in Kerry’s empty seat should he be appointed Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton. Good we got that covered, it would be a shame to have two empty chairs in the district.

Not that it’s a surprise, but Fed Chief Timothy Geithner will also be packing his bags for greener pastures as the administration gears up to try and either raise or do away with the debt ceiling altogether. Hard to tell how this one will play out. Washington has had issues with so many Economists that they now have a subscription. Perhaps they’ll just buy one and stop trying to rent them.

Unemployment numbers have also gotten the fat pencil treatment as of the morning. When the numbers were turned in they showed that unemployment had gone up a cool ½ percent. By they time they were released, they’d been amended to show that the rate was unchanged. While this is also not a surprise, it is just another attempt to deceive the people. True unemployment without discount is about 14.5%, add the number of persons deemed unemployable because they haven’t worked in two years or more and it could be conservatively estimated at 20%.

Now is a good time to tell you that I don’t know everything. I’ve been a lot of things- soldier, employee, employer, manager, writer- but I don’t know everything. What I do know is that in some ways our nation is lost. In many ways it is already failing. Whenever a people turn their back on their uniting constants and embrace the ideas of men, they fail.

The people of this nation spoke in November. The majority spoke with one voice saying, we prefer the promise of free stuff over the freedoms protected by the constitution. They soundly rebuked the Grand Ole Party for presenting a candidate that knew how  to operate in a way that was fiscally sound.  One of the key arguments was that when he was head of a capital firm they bought and liquidated a number of companies. They also demonized him for using the word bankrupt.

So the nation is undoing itself using the very same laws set up to protect the people to enslave them with generational debt. Republicans aren’t putting up a fight, and the Do Nothing Congress has passed on all the jobs they didn’t do to the Don’t Know Better Congress. Funny that I now hear people who used all those pejoratives to describe me during the election season making similar complaints. America you built this and deserve to reap exactly what you’ve sown… And to quote a friend (Jeff) “Its some pretty fancy stitching.”

Whaddya want for nothin’, Rubber Biscuits?


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