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Movie Guy: Jack Reacher and Premium Rush

By   /   January 7, 2013  /   Comments

Jack Reacher (In Theaters now…)

Based on the ninth book of a seventeen book series (and still going…) Jack Reacher is about an ex-military investigator who drifts around finding trouble to get into and helping people that need helping. The books are funny, witty and engaging in a way that good writing is and the movie follows right along with that model. The movie is about an ex-military sniper, who had once been in trouble for killing a couple of people in Iraq, but who was let go when the matter was covered. Who was the original investigator, wait for it…Jack Reacher! The ex-sniper is accused once more of taking out a group of civilians, the cops find him in no time flat and during his interrogation he asks for the one man who he knows can prove his innocence, wait for it…Jack Reacher! From there the investigation is on and Reacher does his damndest to try to prove the ex-sniper actually pulled the trigger. The movie has a fair amount of violence, some pithy one-liners and Robert Duvall playing an ex-marine sniper.

So how accurate is it to the book series? Pretty accurate with the characterization of ‘Reacher’ being spot on to his novelized counterpart. The only thing that they really changed and it has more to do with the actor that they picked to play Reacher, was his looks. In the book Reacher is over six feet tall, bald and built like a mountain.

In the movie, he’s Tom Cruise.

These days Cruise gets a bad rap for the things that he’s done or said in the public eye. Personally I’ve thought that he always made entertaining movies, some of them I’ve liked and others, well let’s just say they weren’t my speed. He manages to pull off the part of Reacher in this movie and the cast that he’s surrounded himself with is excellent ranging from classic actors like Robert Duvall to Warner Herzog who chew up the scenery whenever they appear.

If you’re looking for something to see, this is a movie worth your time.

3 ½ stars out of 5, He’s Jack Reacher


Premium Rush (Now on DVD…)

I enjoyed this movie better when it had Kevin Bacon and was called ‘Quicksilver’, oh I know that there are fundamental differences between the two (they added a little bit of crime for and human trafficking for this one….) but the differences aren’t enough to make me feel as though I hadn’t seen the story before.

So Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bike messenger with an attitude and he gets a messenger job to deliver a package at the law school he has graduation from, but never taken the bar exam, to deliver across town by seven o’clock. Throw in human traffickers, money launders; a seriously corrupt cop and you have the makings of a decent chase movie.

The only problem I had with the movie was that for as much as they wreck or get hit by cars on these bikes, the impact would have killed them.

Find something else in the Redbox, this one isn’t worth it.

2 Stars out of 5, don’t take the ride!



Keith Kilburn and his wife, Dawn, live in Leesburg with two cats and dog named Godzilla. He’s written for Herorealm.com before they were bought out by corporate interests and has written a novel that he’s working on publishing. It’s rumored that he’s seen more movies than Blockbuster rents in a year and knows more about comic books than Stan Lee himself!

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