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Inauguration: Just another I Love Me Moment

By   /   January 20, 2013  /   Comments

bi Jim Layne

Just sitting here grieving the retirement of longtime conservative talk radio host Neil Boortz and wondering to whom we will turn for the voice of dissent now that there’s no one with nothing to lose. Pardon me just a moment while I remove the tinfoil hat from my Slurpee (T) and make room on my ammo crate for the laptop.

So many memes (stupid little captioned photos with a pithy nerve gouging tagline) these days are poking fun and not so fun at those who believe in the preservation of rights protected by the Constitution of the United States. The authors of which no doubt have failed to understand that the document that they’d so readily hack into a chain of left leaning paper dolls is the very thing that allows them to do so as a matter of right. Not that any of them have the guts to defend those rights.

There has been in years past much debate on the strengths and merits of our Constitution. Does the strength lie in its specificity, in its order, or the acute detail of the functional interpretation? Many an American History teacher and a like number of Con. Law professors would agree that the true strength of our Constitution lies in the fact that it can be changed. By change however, I doubt that the founding fathers intended the use of Article II, Section 1, Clause 1- the so called, but not specifically granted power of Executive Order as the president’s special sledgehammer.

This is the point where the lefty swatch crowd begins checking their watches and the righties signal the waitress for another round of frozen fruity goodness. I’m not going there on gun control, it’s been beaten to death and our republican party is down for the count. Nobody cares that our bill of rights is being interpreted into ineffectiveness. It is because both of the major parties are the same and their frustrations result from them being the only ones who don’t recognize it.

I am beginning to believe, as I have long hypothesized that there is a greater something going on here. The last 90 days of this president’s first term are very telling on motive and sketchy on endgame. The government covered up an overt act of terrorism and allowed the purchase of an election with the utopian promise of free lunch. They cauterized the threat of the truth becoming public by ending at least one prominent and public career. There was time for vacations and golf while a nation without a meaningful financial plan was allowed to kick the can down the road.

I guess I just don’t get it. How there was time for twenty three executive orders concerning gun control measures that don’t have a hope of controlling gun related crime, but no meaningful effort on our nations financial woes. Fitting for an administration whose crowning achievement is a healthcare law that not only doesn’t provide healthcare, but exacerbates the cost issue with sixteen new taxes.

Our government bailed out General Motors because forty cents of every dollar they made was going to legacy costs because they spread themselves too thin. Every working American’s tax liability in total is or will be north of fifty cents per dollar, but King Obama isn’t concerned. Why did we step in and bail out a company whose best hope at restoration would have been reigning in its problems through bankruptcy? Instead we wrote China an IOU and bought Troubled Motors and renamed it Government Motors, old business, hey libs?

When and where does it end? Who will stand up for our country on the floor of the house? What is the deal breaking issue that will alert the public of the impending point of no return? When will the people demand more of themselves than the government is willing to beguile them? Where is the line in the sand? Why are those that draw attention to these issues demonized by the left?

We better buckle up because it isn’t over. There’s someone in Washington with a blank check and nothing to lose. The people sit back and watch and wait while the leadership dictates. This is wrong. We the people need to stand together and tell our leadership how it will be. At this point all options are on the table and no one has the guts to stand up to the least popular president in our history. Humph! Enjoy the inauguration, I’m getting a tinfoil hat and prepping for the moron apocalypse.

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