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Fear the SEC

By   /   January 8, 2013  /   Comments

I don’t normally talk about sports here, even though I love football.  I try to keep my hopes and dreams about my Atlanta Falcons out of my daily column, and my love for my Georgia Bulldogs stays in the background as best I can.  However, I have to give a shout out to the Dawg’s conference, which just locked in yet another national championship for the SEC.

Alabama won their third title in four years, and starting quarterback AJ McCarron is the first quarterback to win back to back championships.  No other had done that.  Ever.

The Crimson Tide was really only challenged twice all season.  Texas A&M beat them.  Georgia?  Five yards, andthey are the one who get to humiliate Notre Dame for the title.  Both of those teams are SEC schools, though this is the first year for Texas A&M to be part of the conference.

The SEC has had an unprecedented streak of national championships, seven of them.  They also have 8 total BCS national championships, more than any other conference by a long, long margin.

And to think that the sports pundits had started to question whether the SEC was as good as they had thought.

The SEC hadn’t fared particularly well in bowl games this year, despite having a large chunk of the top ten locked up for most of the season.  However, the elite of the division definitely performed as expected.  Alabama?  Well, it pains me to say it, but they played better than I even expected.

Notre Dame earned their number one ranking.  They were the only undefeated team in the country.  Luckily for number two, we’re long gone from the days when a poll told us who was the national champion.  Alabama got a chance to set the record straight, and boy did they.

It wasn’t even a game.  Notre Dame was, unfortunately for them, outmatched at every phase of the same.  I went to bed in the second quarter when it was 28-0.  Apparently, I didn’t miss much as Alabama crushed the Irish 42-14.

The fact is that SEC schools will probably not skate through undefeated.  The level of competition is far to high for that to happen.  When the elite of the division get the chance, they win.  It’s just that simple. A playoff system would show that, and probably extend the SEC’s streak even further.

So, as a quasi-playoff is set to begin next year, other schools need to fear the SEC.  It isn’t going to be pretty for them.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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