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Executive Order Threat Plunges Pundits into Chaos

By   /   January 13, 2013  /   Comments

by Jim Layne

It seems these days that trying to maintain the position of constitutional conservative is akin to the practice of irony. Its okay to make uncanny predictions of the way events will play out. It’s okay to be right, but as long as there is the promise of free stuff, our nation will continue to fail to thunderous applause.

I’ve remained quiet on the gun issue to large extent because the media being the media, and the lack of leadership being the lack of leadership, a fresh scandal should have erupted by now. However I believe there is another perfect storm brewing. A band aid measure sequestered the fiscal debates into the mid first quarter, taxes went up on people who won’t feel it and Fearless Leader is celebrating his victory as he sends the Jester out to meet with anti-gun groups.

This week, the antics of the administration and Piers Morgan, and others have driven the conservative talk crowd into an apocalyptic tizzy. The speculation, the watching as once again the growing crowd of sheep line up to blinded by the bright light of shiny new entitlements. The threat of the use of yet another executive order to sledgehammer another policy in place, this time its gun control that doesn’t have a hope in hell of controlling gun violence, last time it was a healthcare bill that doesn’t provide healthcare. Next it’s likely to be a restriction of freedom of speech, as they’ve already got several options on the table to make budgetary restriction a thing of the past.

We don’t need tighter gun control. We need tighter leashes on our idiots. Some years ago it was thought to be too expensive to house and care for the severely mentally ill. Is too costly to keep the criminally insane in a harmless stupor? Is it true that meaningful screening and assisting the families of these poor people is prohibitive due to cost? I’d imagine that there are twenty seven families in Newtown, Connecticut who might beg to differ.

I’m truly not sorry if my opinions are shocking to you. I am further not sorry for holding leadership accountable. I’m a citizen and a voter and a veteran, they are accountable to me. They are accountable to you too. If the people, both the thinking people and the sheeple start demanding that these morons in Washington and elsewhere do their jobs and stop wasting our tax dollars and trying to reign in the competitive spirit of America by dissolving the Constitution and only concerning themselves with furthering their agendas and not with the welfare of the people.

If they really want to get tough on crime and not simply appear to be so, capital crimes need to carry capital sentences. Don’t over simplify with some stupid example to make yourself feel better, reread and reread this until you get it. Illegal narcotics- top shelf possession and intent, life in prison. Persons actually caught distributing a top shelf narcotic at any level, death penalty. Multiple OVI vehicular homicide, death penalty. Home invasion robbery, tomahawked and scalped and then sent to general population in the jails, forced to sit in front of the entire pod and say, “This is my punishment for breaking into someone’s home where I had no business and terrifying the people who lived there.”

We need to put our leadership on notice. Call your leaders, start a petition for balanced budget amendments and meaningful recall provisions. No matter if you’re a liberal, conservative, democrat, or republican you should want more for yourself and your family than this stupid squabbling over Robin Hood and his merry men, because that nonsense is truly not working and never has. You can’t hamstring the job creators and people who sign paychecks and expect your economy to grow. You can’t take away a person’s right to defend themselves from criminals who don’t play by the rules. You can’t trust a government who can’t even pass a budget to decide on any issue having to do with constitutionality of an issue with a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel. Let’s take a leaf from Washington’s book. Since these morons don’t want to do it our way, let’s buy some new ones.


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