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Dianne Feinstein may not realize what could be coming

By   /   January 25, 2013  /   Comments

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has finally introduced her assault weapon ban bill into congress.  This bill has the full backing of the White House, as President Obama has made this part of his effort to prevent another tragedy like Sandy Hook.  However, there is a little something called The Law of Unintended Consequences that needs to be considered.

What that means is that for every law you pass, you create a consequence you didn’t mean to happen.  Prohibition lead to the rise of the Mafia, for example.  Had alcohol never been made illegal, those groups that seized onto the trade would likely have never had a sufficient enough revenue stream to become the criminal powerhouse they grew to be thanks to bootlegging.

Feinstein’s bill, should it pass in its current form that bans over 150 rifles by name, is bound to have its own unintended consequences.  One is that the value of rifles currently owned will skyrocket in value.  That, however, is hardly the last of it.

There are a large number of people, folks who are normally very easy going, who are getting angry.  How angry?  Let’s just say that the militia scare of the 1990′s didn’t mean a thing compared to what we’re seeing right now.

Gun rights activists will fight the bill.  In reality, the bill will probably not pass, at least not in its current form.  However, many gun owners aren’t nearly as optimistic as I am.  They’re preparing for the worst, and that “worst” is something Dianne Feinstein probably hasn’t thought about in her worst nightmare.

Many gun owners are readying themselves for what some are already calling the Second American Revolution.  They aren’t welcoming it, but they’re not shunning it either.  They’re readying themselves for war.

Folks, we’re still dealing with enough crap overseas.  The last thing we need is a war on our shores.  Even a small percentage of gun owners resisting the what they see as a unconstitutional measure – and it is unconstitutional – could create havoc in this country.  Then comes the invariable escalation as Congress seeks to curb this new threat, which will probably just send more into the ranks of the rebels.

This isn’t a good thing folks.  War is never a good thing.  However, neither is banning an entire class of weapons that happens to be rarely used in criminal activity.  Maybe it’s time to look at events like Sandy Hook and figure out the reasons why someone would commit such a horrible act, rather than punish millions of Americans who have done nothing wrong.  Then, maybe, we could prevent future atrocities while preserving people’s constitutional rights as our founders intended.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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