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Chemical release highlights the need for preparedness

By   /   January 9, 2013  /   Comments

This morning, Albanians awoke to a horrible smell.  It was the result of an accidental chemical release in Cordele.  Luckily, it isn’t particularly dangerous.  However, it does highlight the need to be prepared for disasters.  That includes chemical releases apparently.

Again, this is not a particularly dangerous release.  I don’t want anyone to make any mistakes and think that I’m saying otherwise.

What I am pointing out is that this should serve as a wake up call for everyone.  Things happen, and they happen quickly.  What if this had been a whole lot more serious?  Would you know what to do?

I like to think I’ve thought about a lot of possibilities, and I knew there were chemical plants in the area.  I never even thought about something like a release of chemicals into the air?  It just never registered to me as a possibility.

Well, today, we know that it is a possibility.  In fact, it has happened, so the question still remains, do you know what to do?

First, if you don’t already, you need an emergency band radio.  These are useful for bad weather, but area authorities can also use them to alert you to a dangerous situation like a chemical leak.  They are generally silent until you need them.  After that, you don’t mind being awakened.  It beats never waking up again.

Beyond that, it’s high time that you look into what else you need to do.  You must do some research and find how best to respond to such a disaster.

I sincerely hope that what we are experiencing today is the worst we ever encounter.  It most likely is.  However, should we ever experience a time when it’s not, it would be nice to know that Albanians were ready, willing, and able to do what needs to be done and to do it in an organized and efficient way.

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