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Are we in for more of the usual with school superintendent?

By   /   January 14, 2013  /   Comments

There aren’t a lot of folks who will disagree that Joshua Murfree was a bad superintendent.  After all, his constant micromanaging made some within the school system less productive, and that wasleast of his flaws in that job.  One would think that our school board would be a lot more careful with their next selection.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way.

Albany Uncovered’s Rob Coulter did the digging, but what he found should alarm Dougherty County tax payers.  Apparently, asuperintendent finalist was responsible for direct oversight on several projects that went $10 million over budget.  Dr. David Mosley repeatedly told the school board that these projects were on time and, most importantly, on budget.  They weren’t.

An investigation was conducted by district attorney Stephen Kelley.

From Albany Uncovered:

This investigation was mandated after the Glynn County Georgia School System went approx $10 Million over budget during school construction projects. The district was left deeply in debt. The investigation found that members of the Board of Education were “reckless if not negligent” during the years of 1995-1999.

The members of the school board maintained during the investigation that then Superintendent David Mosely misled them about construction costs and ‘related financial matters’.

Dr Mosely retired from his position in June of 1999 after just five years as Superintendent of the school system. In December of 1999, Dr Mosely told the school board that “he accepted responsibility for the deficit but that it wasn’t entirely his fault.” He also denied withholding information.

Now, Rob isn’t part of a huge organization with dozens of people who can do research on candidates for a job.  Nope.  He’s one guy.  His result came up on a Google search.  Which tells me that either the school board didn’t bother with looking – and I freely admit to dropping the ball myself – or that the Dougherty County School System didn’t bother to look.

Folks, this it is imperative that we be very,very careful with next superintendent.  We didn’t do so well with the last two, as one served during the CRCT cheating scandal, and the next tried his best to stymie the investigation.

Now, it’s important to note that Mosley wasn’t indicted for his actions in Glynn County.  The D.A.’s office clearly didn’t find enough evidence of wrong doing to prosecuted.  However, it’s also very clear that he was responsible.  His own admissions make it clear that he apparently feels like he’s responsible as well.

Could Mosley have learned his lesson?  It is possible.  However, pardon me if I’m less than pleased at the possibility of someone with this track record taking over our school system.  There are two other finalists, and they deserve the exact same scrutiny that Coulter has given Mosley.

If our system is going to improve, we need someone we can truly trust.  Right now, I’m not convinced that Dr. David Mosley can be that guy.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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