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A Shell Game of Presidential Proportion

By   /   January 26, 2013  /   Comments

I have a very vivid imagination. As an author of fiction I understand the blacksmithing of facts to fit necessity to preserve the suspension of disbelief. I am also the most likely person to tell you that where foreign policy and military operations are concerned, Operational Security (OPSEC) should always trump the people’s right to know during a live operation, and information then made available via FIA (Freedom of information act). Within the last six months we the people have been led to believe a number of lies which are now being quietly recanted, in some cases not so quietly.

Firstly the debacle in Benghazi, Libya was an act of terrorism, an anonymous idiot’s 15 minutes of hate film fame aside. CIA knew, Madam Secretary was informed, but failed to act. When the truth started to fester and ooze, much ado was made over General Petraeus’s then alleged and then openly admitted affair with his biographer. This is a town where an alleged affair leads to a raise and a confirmed affair garners promotion. When that began to fizzle then John Allen was under attack for a peculiar relationship with the politigroupie.

Low and behold despite attempts to circumvent and mitigate, not even the great and powerful Obummer could protect Madam Secretary from having to testify before congress. Make no mistake that our fiscally irresponsible elected representatives have more than they can handle where our financial woes are concerned, but with Secretary of State hopeful John Kerry refusing to moderate the keel hauling of the sitting Secretary, and Rand Paul stoking the fire, who could get any work done?

Meanwhile, Madam Secretary’s only defense was lashing out with, “What difference would it make?” Excuse me, but the families of four people deserve the pound of flesh that you refused to exact. Therein, lays all the difference.

Then of course the unfortunate, terrible, and unconscionable act of violence in Newtown, Connecticut served as just the distraction the administration needed to avoid onrushing responsibility and wrest actually progress from the hand of the legislature with a rehashing of the gun control debates. Don’t get me wrong, and do not under any circumstance over generalize some super simplification with all or nothing connotation, that would be counter productive. Meaningful debate on any issue is necessary at all times, but you must begin and end with the truth.

The truth is what is missing from all of these issues. The truth has been missing from this administrations message all along. And I dare say that as long as they can pander to the percentages with either divisive speech or free stuff (both are coin of the realm) it shall continue. If and when, and only IF and only WHEN, We the People stand together and with one voice cry, ENOUGH, will they listen, but first we’ll have to withdraw all support, because by and large politicians only understand money, lack, surplus, or wasting thereof.

Incidentally, while you were out gathering wool, dust, moss, or belly button lint they moved the shells again. This time Jester Joe is going a’ peddling with his gun control medicine show. They have a plan to separate you from your rights, and they plan to make you feel that the entire thing is all your idea.

The entire story is pretty thin, especially since the courts have finally ruled that recess appointments made when the senate isn’t at recess are unconstitutional. Eventually they’ll get around to the misrepresentation of facts leading to the gun ban initiatives, such as no AR-15 was actually used in Newtown. You might also be interested to learn that we’ve started arming terrorist enemies of Israel.

Reactions? Questions? Comments? Gripes, grouches, ridiculous stories, or funny anecdotes? Feedback is welcome, the more relevant the better…



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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