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A ruling class?

By   /   January 29, 2013  /   Comments

We all disagree on a variety of things.  Some people like Obamacare, some don’t.  Some believe in an assault weapon ban, some don’t.  That’s just how politics works, and I’m fine with the disagreement.  However, Congress seems to be crossing the line, and it’s a line that I believe most will agree they have no business crossing.

First, Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare.  It was supposed to be so great, and many people who are reading this may believe it is, but members of Congress?  They exempted themselves from a law that most of them felt was good enough for the rest of us.  I’m sorry, but this is worrisome for me.  However, if it was an isolated example, I could probably stomach it.

Unfortunately, it appears that it’s not.

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapon ban has a lot of problems with it.  Most of them are with the overall attempt to take away guns from law abiding citizens.  However, what may be the most egregious problem is that it appears Feinstein’s bill exempts members of Congress from having to deal with pesky gun bans.

Folks, this is unacceptable.  When this nation was founded, it had fought a long and bloody revolution against a nation that had a permanent ruling class.  They didn’t want any such thing happening here.  That’s why the requirements to run for office are very simple.  You must be of sufficient age and a citizen for a sufficient amount of time (in the case of the President, that from birth).  It meant that anyone could run for office and would help prevent a ruling class.

However, Congress exempting themselves from rules is simply a means of creating a ruling class.  Is it intentional?  Are they trying to create such a class?  I seriously doubt it.  However, that’s what they’re doing whether they mean to or not.

In addition, I can’t help but think that this is a violation of the Equal Protection clause.  Laws are supposed to apply evenly.  All Americans are supposed to be bound by the same laws.  It’s actually one of the strengths of this great nation.  The idea that government officials are held to the same standard as the lowest citizen isn’t universal.  I wish it were, but it’s not.  It’s actually an anomaly of the western world, and we were the ones to introduce it.  It’s kind of our thing.

Those days are apparently coming to an end.  Instead, our “betters” feel that we should be held to a different standard than they are.  If that meant they would stop taking bribes, cheating on their spouses, sending pictures of various body parts over Twitter, or any of the other things members of Congress have been caught doing in recent years, then that would be great.  Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening.

I find it funny that while assault weapon ban supporters in Congress say that no one needs a so-called “assault weapon” for personal defense, they see no reason why they should have to go without as well.  For me, this is just one more reason to fight to kill this misguided attempt at preventing madmen…the same madmen who will continue to kill no matter what we do unfortunately.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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