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What if this was the Last Week on Earth?

By   /   December 21, 2012  /   Comments

#NVR speaking to you again for the Kattalistt Creative Group. And this is just a thought, but what if this is it? Imagine for a moment that this is the pinnacle of our society? Pretty good, huh? At this point… I could argue either way for the merits/demerits of our human societies but that’s not the point I want to make, so let’s move on.

Welcome to the world my friends, there is much to do. In the wash this week we’ve had word of the apocalypse, denials of the apocalypse, mockery of the Mayans, and various discussions of what this day means. And I come to this… It’s amazing how enamored our culture is with the idea of a “shock and awe” ending. I don’t really understand it, I think we’ve become a little caught up in a mindset and I think we’ve lost the mindset that got us this far. Perhaps we’re drowning in the concept of comfort and caution. We’ve lost our eagerness to explore. And there is still so much unknown.

If you keep tabs on the backwater punditry of Facebook, then you may have crossed this phrase: “infinite growth on a finite world.” The original Quote is by Fritz Schumacher and it goes like this: “Infinite growth of material consumption in a finite world is an impossibility.”

Historically speaking, mankind has always had an issue with homeostasis. Our instinct is to expand and consume. This is the drive that forced us to populate six of seven continents. This is the drive that motivated the building of skyscrapers. This is why we look out at the stars with wonder in our eye. This has taken us to the depths of ocean and earth, into the clouds and beyond… But we have stopped. Wait, that’s wrong, most of us have stopped. There are many that still crawl the depths of caves, dive into the seas, and sail through the skies beyond our atmosphere. But they become fewer as time goes on.

But I have moved far from talks of today… See, today was marked by the world. An ancient culture marked this day, and we assumed that this mark was infamy. That the aliens were returning. That the Earth would turn on us. That life as we knew it would end. And in some sense of parody, we embraced it. Now the day is upon us and in some idle way… we’re disappointed. We play it off in parody: “see, I told you the world wasn’t going to end.” But we wanted something to happen.

I’m going to tell you that it’s still there. That possibility, it’s like a glimmer, intangible but it’s really just under the surface. The problem is that we’re waiting for someone or something else to start it. And I hate to steal a lyric… but we are the ones we’re waiting for.

The day was marked for infamy; let’s make it infamous.  I’m not asking you to go change the world. I’m asking you to go change your world. Regardless of any apocalypse you can influence the world around you. But today you have a marker that everyone knows, today is that day, take advantage of it, make it what you want it to be, and make it the beginning of something new.

James C. Malphrus is the founder of Kattalistt Communications. He can be reached by emailing JCM@ChangeIntoAnIdea.org

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