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Time for healing. Answers will come later

By   /   December 19, 2012  /   Comments

The op-ed pages of newspapers throughout the nation are focused on Newtown, Conn. and with good reason.  The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting rocks each of us to our very core.  In other mass shootings, it’s generally adults that are killed.  If not, then it’s an attack committed by a peer of the victims, as in Columbine.  In this case, it’s a whole different matter.

Everyone is abuzz with potential solutions which range from banning guns to arming teachers to an overhaul of our mental health system.  They’re looking for answers, as well as trying to prevent another tragedy.  I can certainly understand that.

First though, people need to chill a bit.

This nation has lost some of its greatest treasures: our children.  Friday, all I wanted to do was to just hold my children.  I suspect I wasn’t alone.  There but for the grace of God, after all.

Before we rush into false solutions brought about by answers that we’re not sure are even correct, we need to take a step back and let the healing start first.  We haven’t done that in the past, and we ended up with bad policy.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t look for the cause of this tragedy.  Far from it, as a matter of fact.  Instead, I’m merely saying we should make the decision in a calm state of mind.

Unfortunately, the politicians don’t care about that.  They’re going to grandstand at every opportunity.  They think it makes them look proactive.  Instead, it simply reveals their rash nature.

The sad thing is, we’ve had shootings like this for decades.  We pass laws, and they still happen.  They’re still going to happen unfortunately.  I honestly doubt there is much we can do to prevent these horrific events by passing laws that affect the public at large.

However, the time for that discussion is later.  For now, let’s all hold our children.  Some parents in Connecticut can’t.  Let’s rejoice this holiday season as we watch our children unwrap their Christmas presents, because some presents up north won’t be unwrapped by smiling faces this year.

Let us heal.  There will be plenty of time to “do something”.  For now, let’s just move past this horrible event as best we can.  Then we can debate and argue over what to do.  We can be ridiculous or insightful; whatever we want.  Let’s just wait and not rush into decisions that can’t be easily undone.

Tom Knighton is the Editor and Publisher of the Albany Journal.

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