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The Kattlistt Communication: Call it a Cry for Action

By   /   December 22, 2012  /   Comments

by James Christopher Malphrus

They call me #NVR… Did you know? The world ended yesterday, now we have the future that may have been impossible. Granted, the Mayan apocalypse was considered more of a joke than a real fear. But I wrote yesterday about our culture and its love affair with the end of the world. One versed in anthropology, sociology, and psychology could easily break down all the little quirks to figure out why we’ve become so infatuated with the thought. A quick clean end would save us from so many problems. That, however, is more subject matter for a doctoral thesis and sadly, I already have the topic for such a paper should I ever choose to pursue one.

I want to narrow the view of my audience today. So I’m bringing it down to the ins and outs of The Kattalistt. I need you to understand, I cannot tell you what The Kattalistt is, as it has moved beyond my idea and into its own form. I operate as a steward, as a figure head, or as a parent; but I am no longer the only voice that turns the gears. It is now an ever changing entity. That was part of the beauty of the idea… an open source, volunteer based community awareness organization. We set this in motion to never be any one thing; instead we build it with the tools and adaptability to be anything that is needed. So that it can adjust and fill in the gaps as necessary to make any given instance a success. We do this by employing a broad range of talented people who keep an even broader array of opinions. Many cultures, many histories, and many futures, we are a rabble… and we’re gathering steam.

But there’s an important note. At our root we are friends who look out for each other. These guys and gals know that when the chips are down and it’s time to lay it out, flush or bust, we’ll be there to do what we can. The point is to change the world, but not in the way you would think, changing the world starts here, with us, with you, with the people in your life. To think that thirty or forty of us could make one move that changes the face of the planet is an arrogant thought, and even if it’s one we harbor… we know better than to think it’ll happen tomorrow. We know this, so we look to change things on our level. Because those changes affect our day to day lives and those are the changes that matter.

So end of the world be damned! Who’s ready for some future? We are The Kattalistt. We are growing, and we invite you to join us. As 2013 dawns we have many plans to set in motion and many hopes for what is to come. We’re in the business of building bridges, ideas, and events. We look to the dawn with hopeful eyes and we’re ready to play hard. We hear the regales of naysayers and to you I have this to say:

The battle is only over when you surrender. Cheer for those that take up the mantle and drive their head against the stone that broke so many before, we are winning. Because the battle is not over when you say the wall has won. And so much is lost when you start inflicting your surrender on the youth who’ve set their souls against the rock. When you beguile the willing you smother the cries of youth before seeing them meet the task. The wall has won when its work is done by those that fell before. Keep the cries of failure; offer the wisdom of your attempts instead. We have chosen this course and we will see it through. 

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