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Somebody Get Washington a Bigger Rug

By   /   December 10, 2012  /   Comments

Everything these days is a headline until the scandal mileage runs out.  If the big news media players were doing their jobs, we’d see a lot more being made of Benghazi and a lot less being made of morons smoking marijuana in Seattle.  How is it bigger news that Duchess Kate is pregnant than ObamaCare’s repeal of the age restriction (parental notification provision) on plan “B” birth control, the so-called morning after pill.

Why is so much being made of carbon on mars and nothing of the rash of church arson.  I keep hearing a lot of broadcast quality static about how terrible it is that some Amish cut the hair and beards of other Amish for violating the sacred tenants of their faith and nothing being made of the wisps of Sharia law catching fire in this country.  I guess it isn’t a crime for the family of a Muslim girl to kill her for stepping away from the tradition of arranged marriage to one of the father’s cronies and wanting to choose her own mate.

We sent over a trillion dollars around the world over the last few years while our own people are engaged in class warfare reminiscent of race riots.  The politicians have finally found a marketing campaign that works- beguile the electorate with free stuff and they’ll let you do whatever you want.  Who exactly is going to be stuck with the check?  Not the politicians, they’ve also figured out how to exempt themselves from their own legislation.

If when over the fiscal cliff we fall, will it be any worse?  No probably not.  They’ve been running the country for four years without a budget and are trying to do away with a debt ceiling altogether.  What this essentially means is that they can spend to their hearts content on any pet project they like with even less oversight than they have now, which is next to none.  When and where will it end?

I have suggestions, (not that anyone who could use the information is actually reading this), but here goes: Retool the tax code to benefit no one.  Do this by lowering the effective rate to 25%; do away with all deductions and all incentives at all levels.  Stop subsidizing prolific breeders on the welfare roles with a two-child maximum.  A national sales tax is appropriate, one percent on all non-food purchases.  Put an end to those filtering personal purchases through their corporate checkbooks, it happens, I know, I was an accountant.

For the news media, stop reporting nonsense and start reporting news.  Pop culture has enough social issues to keep it busy for a while. It’s great that Will and Kate are expecting, but it is only news if he’s pregnant.  Religious and racial discrimination is always wrong and always news, especially when it is happening domestically.

Lawmakers: Start taking care of business at home and stop expecting the working class to pay the bills for your pet projects.  You guys waste more money than back in the days when budgets reflected $500 cases of toilet paper and $400 hammers. Which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but you have nothing to show for it.  I encourage all of you, let’s all get a front row for that fiscal cliff ride.



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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