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Fourth and Inches at the Fiscal Cliff

By   /   December 4, 2012  /   Comments

It is coming down to the end of the fourth quarter, Years have become months.  Months have dwindled to weeks.  Soon weeks will die away to a few days.  Then in the tense hours before our nation rappels, Ausie style over the fiscal cliff and into an abyss of publicized as austerity the actors playing lawmakers on TV will arrive at some band-aid measure that will allow them to pass the buck.  Or not.  I say let ’em.

Yes, that’s right.  I said don’t avert the fiscal cliff.  I said let all of the tax deductions expire, let all the pork barrel funding of extras expire. I said lets tighten the belt a full two notches.  Before you get lathered up and apply yet another IST (racist, ageist, negativist) term to me for bringing you common sense for the common man let me break it down for you.

The election is over.  Both sides know that they have two years until their jobs are in jeopardy.  It takes about that long until mid term elections or to put forth a reasonable case for recall, which sadly neither is taken seriously in this country.  This is sad for a number of reasons but today’s lesson is why we should let them have just enough rope to hang them.

Our country is in economic dire straights already.  You’re seeing improving economic and jobs numbers because of the holiday expansion.  Employers are flooding themselves with an army of part-time temporary help to hawk their loss leaders and help you waste your money more efficiently.  By mid January, you’ll see these numbers drop off sharply and the newsies will tell you how unemployment plunged to a new low.  Don’t worry only a handful of them will actually qualify for unemployment, the rest will not because we don’t hold corporate retailers to that kind of accountability in this country.

Everyone on the hill is blaming someone else. All 535 lawmakers- that are 435 representatives and 100 senators are being held hostage by the political theatrics of a few.  In his first address after the election, I saw a different side of the President, which I found impressive.  A man who seemed to stand between the aisles with a hand outstretched in both directions, unfortunately he was reaching for the hands of meatheads like Joe Biden (the VP is President of the Senate) Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner.  If they actually agree on anything, then nothing will change.  I say let ‘em go.

They all want to tell you about how going over this so-called fiscal cliff will cause all of these manufactured problems like tax hikes, sequestration, and the secret that isn’t a secret- the lame duck congress.  The truth is taxes are going up anyway; sequestration is a fun word to toss around but deals only with discretionary spending, not bullets, bombs, and jet fuel, as they’d have you believe.  And the lame duck congress, that hasn’t passed effective legislation in 4 years while the barters were looking for validation of their argument and the blamers were seeking a place to pass the buck, but as we’ve re-elected the President after a full term of his policies neither can rely on their long tired excuses.

They keep tossing around middle class and middle income as if the two terms were interchangeable.  The rhetoric keeps sliding back and forth across the line of scrimmage without making a definitive play in either direction.  The middle-income folks are not hurting.  They’re still able to save if they’re living within their means.  The high income and wealthy are okay, and the super rich are just as elite as they’re always been.

The true middle class are the working poor.  Those who make too much money to qualify for the most basic and minimal of assistance programs.  These people bear the brunt of these tax increases.  They slip through the cracks because they can’t afford to pay to play, and can’t get a free ticket to the game.  So when you hear your rep talking about the middle class, that’s where our nations pool of cheap labor, comes from.  When you hear them talk about middle income, that’s where votes come from.

My argument still stands.  Let them debate their way over the fiscal cliff.  This country needs to pay its bills and stop writing blank checks.  We need to stop taking from those who go after it and redistributing it to those who don’t.  It isn’t race or class warfare, though we hear those things all the time.  We need to expose these pork barrel politicians (I suppose now someone will call me a porker) for what they are and then give them one way bus tickets out of Washington at mid term and force the hand of those who were just elected.

Our country is in dire straight because of the people we sent to Washington. Both sides of the aisle are guilty.  With the five at the top being most guilty.  In my book, the President cleaned his slate in November when he reached out to both sides.  I am still not a fan, but he is trying.  Perhaps I will draft a bill for term limits, with a recall provision for the ineffective.  These people want to hold our nation hostage because they cannot be fired.  The nation waits while Washington takes its bloody time.  We need to put these people on notice, and we need to do it bright and early Monday morning.



Jim Layne is husband, father and veteran. He firmly believes in God and family first, Duty, Honor, Courage and a lot of other old fahioned ideals. A self confessed news junky, he distills the rhetoric down to its essential salts and serves it up in plain spoken terms.

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